Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey And Vanilla Hair Cleanser


Forest Essential Hair Cleanser 

Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser Review+hair product reviews


I recently saw a documentary on the Maha Kumbh that happened in India in the month of February. What blew my mind were the Naga Sadhus and their extremely long coiled jatas. I wish I had atleast half the amount of hair that they did. These sadhus live in extreme harsh conditions in the Himalayan caves, use no hair oil, no shampoo, meditate most of the time and live a stress free life. I guess I won’t be going to these caves for meditation anytime soon nor live a stress free life and I surely can’t live without shampooing.


FE Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser Review+vanilla shampoo


So, coming to todays review- it’s the Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey & Vanilla hair cleanser. This is my first purchase from Forest Essentials. I had specifically asked the SA to show me a shampoo for oily hair. The website also lists this shampoo as that meant for oily hair but this product doesn’t work on oiled hair at all. This was such a huge let down from such a raved about brand.

Forest Essentials describes its products as-

“These gently cleansing shampoos with Amla juice, Ritha, Soya protein, Coconut Oil and herbal infusions give natural shine, swing and fragrance.

Nourishing • Shine Enhancing

This clear shampoo contains Amla Juice, Reetha , Soya Protein, Coconut Oil, Herbal Infusions and Organic Honey and Vanilla Essential Oil gives natural shine, swing and fragrance.”



FE Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser Review Bottle Nozzle+hair shampoo


Forest Essential Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser:-

Ingredient list sounds pretty impressive but if you observe it careful, they don’t mention what is in the Base QS, could be chemicals or could be something natural. It is Paraben free but contains Urea as a preservative.


FE Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser Review Directions and Ingredients+best shampoo


  • Packaging: It comes in a transparent rectangular bottle with a golden cap. The bottle is quite sturdy and is travel friendly. It has a plastic stopper at its mouth which dispenses just the right quantity.
  • How I use it: I take a small quantity of this shampoo in a cup. Add water in it so as to dilute the shampoo and then pour it over the head. This shampoo doesn’t lather much and can be quite difficult to work with. It has a thick consistency just like that of honey but doesn’t smell anything like it nor does it smell of vanilla ice cream. I am assuming here that vanilla ice cream and vanilla essence smell the same. When I was initially using this shampoo, I did not like it at all for the same reason of it not being able to wash off the hair oil. I needed 3-4 washes to get the oil out.  Later on I tried it on dry hair and I was surprised that it was working so well. I just needed one wash and the hair felt clean and fresh. I had to use a leave-in serum post hair wash as this shampoo imparted frizz.


FE Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser Review Hand Swatch+shampoo reviews


What I liked about Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser:-


  • Goodness of Ayurveda
  • Works well on non oiled hair
  • Leaves a pleasant smell in hair post hair wash


What I didn’t like about Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser:-


  • Expensive
  • More shampoo needed when used on oiled hair
  • Quantity is less hence gets over quite fast if used on long hair


  • Price: Rs 680 for 200ml
  • Availability: In forest Essential stores and online.
  • Expiry date: 6 months for the time of opening the bottle
  • Rating: 2/5 when used on oily hair & 3.5/5 when used on dry hair

Have you tried Forest Essetials Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair ?


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  1. Thanks for review Pranali. I am sure its a nice product but I always felt Forest Essentials is very overrated and over priced. It fantastic for the phirangs who are fascinated with Ayurveda. The price suits them too. We have so many ayurveda options so this price is not justified. Well its my thought. Not sure how other think about it.

  2. Quite a unique combination of ingredients for a shampoo. Too bad its just not worth the price. 🙁 I find FE overpriced too. But they have such lovely packaging n am super tempted to try their lip balms 🙂


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