Forest Essentials Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil Indian Rose Absolute Review


Forest Essential Bath oil Review

I got Forest essential bath oil in a  combo pack which I bought on my last visit to Forest essential.As usual all forest essential products looks tempting with their soothing packaging and most of us has to depend upon the trial and error method  of these products because there are hardly any reviews on the net of the brand.

So with Forest essential velvet silk body cream I got this moisturizing milk bath oil and marigold body polisher in Rs1100.

Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil Indian Rose Absolute

What Forest essential claims:-

Forest Essentials bath and shower water soluble oils, include completely pure, naturally distilled essential oils in organically grown, cold-pressed base oils derived from a variety of plants, fruits and nuts to leave your skin supple, silky smooth and beautifully hydrated. Each sensual blend not only treats the skin in a specific way but also leaves it lightly fragranced.

A richly evocative oil, Indian Rose Absolute is one of the world’s most precious essential oils. Known for its stress-relieving properties, this oil, with its heady fragrance, leaves the skin exquisitely perfumed and soft as silk

  • Price – 1195 for 300 ml(I am not sure about the quantity here  as I tried the 50ml bottle and there is nothing mention about the quantity on their website 😐 )

Indian absolute rose oil review forest essential product reviews


  • Milk Protein, Soy Milk, Jojoba oil, Aloe and rose essence oil
  • Fragrance – It has pure organic rose  essential oil fragrance which might be liked by those who are fond of roses.

Milk bath forest essential product reviews rose absolute

  • Packaging – It comes in a small transparent plastic bottle which has a black cap on it,Bottle has a big mouth when compared to its size which leads to pouring of more product in the tub than required.Ingredients of the oil and how to use the oil is written on the bottle itself.
  • How to use bath oil – Pour contents into warm bath water and mix

Forest essential product reviews bath products reviews

My experience with Moisturising milk bath

By reading its milk bath label I thought that the oil will turn my bath water into a milky solution and like Cleopatra I will be enjoying my milk bath.I even planned how I am going to get roses and put them in water and pamper myself  but milk bath oil turned out nothing else but rose essential oil which is damn costly.

It did nothing to my skin forget about leaving it silky or smooth and the claims of stress relieving and energizing  is nothing great.I felt more relaxed and fresh with INR 135 khadi bath oil than this one.

I may not be fond of rose fragrance but after using many essential oil I know that  atleast one should feel the freshness and smoothness in my skin.As I am in Delhi I thought the hot water is stripping out natural oil from my skin and that is why it might not be working so I used it in cold water as well but bath oil is neither milky nor relaxing.

Next thing which I did is took out some oil drops and applied directly on my skin and I did feel that there is an element of moisture in it which might be because of presence of Jojoba oil or aloe vera  in it .But thing is I am not looking for a body lotion I was expecting a bath oil which will be long staying and keep me smelling good for atleast two hours.

What I liked about Forest essential Moisturising Milk Bath

  • Small cute travel friendly packaging
  • Original rose fragrance
  • Non sticky
  • Contains natural ingredients
What I do not like about Forest essential Moisturising Milk Bath 
  • It’s expensive and there are not many forest essential store
  • Fragrance doesn’t long last
  • Not moisturizing enough when compared to the cost
  • I don’t feel relaxed or fresh after using it
  • I am still looking for that silky smooth skin which they claimed.
Will I recommend it to others – It’s an overly priced product with nothing exceptional in it.One can get almost the same reuslt by adding few drops of rose essential oil and jojoba oil in their bath water and milk bath 😀 What milk bath??  I just see few bubbles popping up that is it. 😛
Rating –
  • Overall – 2/5
  • Packaging – 3/5
  • Availability – 2/5(can be ordered online)
  • Effectiveness – 2.5/5

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  1. Haha! Luv this review A….INR 135 Khadi one is better! haha!! :)) :)) If FE ppl read this , they will go jump somewhere! 😉

    too pricey for an essential oil ka bottle..not worth it i think…

  2. Too pricey :), haven’t tried any bath oil, but Khadi apricot oil before bath is also really good… just ordered mt 2nd bottle and too economical 😀

    plus I don’t want to try FE.. too pricey in my opinion 🙁

      • Actually I have always colored my hair @ salon. This time I am trying it at home and read it on net to apply on unwashed hair when they have natural oil …. but confused that color might go waste because of oil 🙁
        what say ?

        • haan so we Indian mostly apply hair oil so they must have taken this into consideratio.. I don think so u should try colouring yur hair on oiled hair .

  3. You know in the east, girls make a paste of haldi and mustard oil…they rub this concoction all over the body and then have a bath…probably thats why they have such beautiful skin….and mind you this is a daily activity for them…my mom used to do it and her mom and her mom too…


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