Forest essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash Review


Forest essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash Review

Hello my ladies,

Sometime back in the month of March when I received my Blisscovered box and reviewed here on wiseshe, there was someone who asked me to review over FOREST ESSENTIALS NEEM & SAFFRON FACE WASH. I don’t really remember who was that?? Sorry about it 😛 But hey I do remember you wanted me to review over this facewash 😀 So I know its been really a long time that I have delayed writing over this, But I actually completely forgot that I had this or anything else from blisscovered dabba coz I was so disappointed to see the stuff my box had and dumped it somewhere in my room. 🙁  Until, I started working and was looking for a tiny miny version of face wash that I can easily carry in my bag. Before, going to the store and buying a small version of HIMALAYA NEEM FACE WASH I thought of searching my room coz I have this very bad habit of buying stuff impulsively just coz they are on discounts or always BUY 1 GET 1 Offer. Believe me, I ve got many stuff like that just coz I will get 2 stuff for the price of 1 and they are mainly face wash :-P.  I got this facewash in hand while searching and since it is very compact to carry without any 2nd thoughts I took it to work daily and started using it 🙂

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Forest essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash Review+best face wash

 About Forest essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash

All it says is – It purifies & adds glow. (short and sweet …No bullshit :-P)

  • Price – This is a sample size face wash sent by blisscovered and I don’t really know the price. This is a 50ml product.  A full size bottle will cost you Rs. 875 🙂
Forest essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash Review+gentle face wash

My Experience with Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash

This face wash is a very simple and decent one. It works exactly as it describes itself. The liquid is runny in consistency and looks yellowish in color but the fragrance of the face wash is divine and very natural.  The small bottle makes it very travel friendly and compact to carry.  A pea size is more than enough as it lathers really very well and leaves skin feel squeaky clean, sucking all the impurities and oils of the facial skin. It doesn’t dry out my face infact it manages to decently to moisturise them. One of my male friend used this and he really liked the fact on how easily and effectively it leaves no traces of oil on the face. This face wash is very good for normal and combination/oily skin. However I am not sure if it will work for you if u have a very oily skin like that of a frying pan 😛 With regular usage this face wash will last for 3-4 weeks.  All in all, it’s quite a good cleanser if u don’t have much issues with your facial skin unlike me I demand a lot from my face wash considering I have an acne prone skin 🙂

The liquid is runny in consistency and yellowish in color

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Forest essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash Review+face wash for sensitive skin

What I like about Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash

  • Smells divine
  • Quite a good quantity
  • Will last for a month
  • Lathers  a lot
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Leaves skin squeaky clean
  • Suck out the oil and impurities of the skin
  • A decent cleanser

What I dislike about Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash

  • I dint find any glow as such on my face
  • Its not a multi purpose face wash that will help improving ur facial skin
  • The price of a full size product is too much for a decent cleanser.
  • Small package not available.
Will I re purchase Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash-

I guess No, because my facial skin is very stubborn and has been a problematic child. 😛 I really need very effective face wash that works on acne prone skin and stops them from coming.


Have you tried Forest essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash?


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  1. thanku Ricz for the review.. i got very impulsive to pick something from FE & was hovering on its face wash to start with… I might give tis a miss! 🙂

  2. aww…i guess this just aint for problem skin..probably sensi skinned gals may like it better for its mildness…btw where did blisscovered go????

  3. I don like the packaging Ric..i hav few stuff from this brand..they r not leakproof..:(…they don giv these small sized ones at the store..u hav to buy the full size and then finish off soon…which face wash ru currently using??..

    • oh really didnt knew abt the packaging Pree.. mine was toh good… n haa i do agree they don give small size ..which is too bad!

      currently n always m using HIMALAYA NEEM FACE WASH… its my go to face wash always… :-))

  4. it looks good 😀 pricey but good 😀 me prescribed ahaglow and clindamyacin phosphate gel by my derma for acne :-/ i hope my face recovers soon now 😎 :pray:


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