Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion Review


Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion Review – Hi everybody, I am back with yet another product from my favourite natural skincare brand- forest essentials. It is called Tejasvi night emulsion. “Tejasvi” in terms of skin means the one that imparts glow or simply glowy skin (which all of us yearn for). There is a bit of change in the packaging and description. The version I have says it is a replenishing facial emulsion whereas the new packaging says “lightening and brightening emulsion”. Let us see how it works.

Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion

Price: I bought it for INR 1750 for 50 grams; current pricing is INR 1975 for the same quantity.

About Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion:

Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion is specially formulated by combining unique natural moisturizers along with selected Ayurvedic herbs to provide extraordinary fairness,smoothness and suppleness to the skin.Cow’s Ghee is used as a carrier (Yohavahi) for herbs because of its supreme penetrating qualities and ability to carry actives of herbs deep into the skin .Cow’s Ghee along with Coconut oil and Organic Beeswax soften, nourish, protect and strengthen the skin tissues. Active herbs like KasturiManjal, Peepal and Banyan leaves are very potent antioxidant agents which help reducing the damaging effect of free radicals. Specific herbs like Akashneem and  Jivantimakes the skin tone lighter and brighter and keeps it flawless. Regular usage of Tejasvi Night Emulsion enhances elasticity of the skin leaving it with a lighter fairer skin tone,supple and youthful with a noticeably soft resilient and ‘plumped’ quality, and a radiant glow or “Tejas”.

Making of the Product: This product is based on infusion of precious herbs for lightening and brightening the skin, into pure cow’s milk ‘ghee’.

Ingredients  FE Tejasvi Night Emulsion

How to use: Use after cleansing at night. Massage gently onto face avoiding eye area, for at least twenty minutes. Wipe with damp cotton. Wash face with Ubtan or Fruit Scrub the next morning.


• Traditional infusion method of herbs and Cow’s Milk Ghee • Smooth porcelain skin • Makes skin lighter and fairer

• Gives a Tejas or radiant glow

My experience with Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion:

 I have been using this cream on weekends that is Saturday and Sunday as night massage cream in the way it is advised to be used. My mother on the other hand uses this as a night cream on a daily basis in the same way.

Forest Essentials Night Emulsion

When I first tried it at the store I found the ghee’s fragrance to be a bit overpowering which made me say no to this but later I wanted to give it a try because of its claims of giving a perfectly clear and glowy skin. Moreover my mom wanted to try this too so I ordered it online. Then when I tried it at home I did not find the fragrance to be over the top; it was may be because the SA had taken a huge scoop of the emulsion on my hand that I felt it was overpowering. In actual I take a tiny amount of this one and massage on to my skin leaving the eye area and centre of the forehead. The amount you take should neither be very less nor too much. I massage it with light strokes while watching television or something for 10-20 minutes. Though the skin does not remain noticeably oily after the massage but it is better to wipe it off with damp cotton as advised. I can already see smooth skin before I sleep and that gives a good feeling no doubt.

Next morning I wash my face with ubtan; I have three variants – narangi nagkesar, soundarya and tejasvi and I find the tejasvi one a tad better than the other two. With the two uses itself I found my skin to be clearer, ultra soft and smooth. The glow shows up a little later like 12-24 hours after you wash your face the next morning. The results are awesome I must say. If I do not take care of my skin regularly I face uneven skin tone issues which are being take care of very well with both the night creams- this one and sandalwood one. The skin actually looks plumped up after using this tejasvi emulsion.

Tejasvi Night Emulsion FE

My mother has benefited from Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion even more. She had blemishes on her skin from a long time and no matter how many creams and treatments she took, they never had bid farewell. She uses this night emulsion, tejasvi ubtan and sanjeevni beauty elixir daily and these 3 products have completely cleared off the blemishes on one side of the face and on the other side there is a visible difference in lightening but they are still there. With this tejasvi emulsion her skin looks so much more soft, radiant and younger and I actually mean it.

Texture wise, it is like the solidified version of ghee. It melts on the skin when we massage and does not make my fingers or facial skin sticky or uncomfortable in any way. In summers, I would use it in a little lesser amount as compared to what I am using now. I am ok with the smell too, it is not overpowering- just like the mild ghee fragrance. People who have very oily skin or are especially allergic to ghee/ghee smell should not buy it.

FE Tejasvi Night Emulsion swatch

The SA told me that if you are not comfortable with using Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion at night, you may use it on weekends the same way and leave it on your face for a few hours after massaging and wiping with damp cotton. Wash your face with ubtan after those few hours. So those of you who are sceptical about using Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion at night with the fear of breakouts you may try it this way if you want.

So, overall I do not even mind the pricing at all seeing the awesome results. They deliver what they claim and that is all we need.

What I like about Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion:

  • Makes the skin look clearer and polished.
  • Skin becomes visibly soft and plumped up.
  • There is radiance on your face after a few hours of usage.
  • Clears blemishes when used the exact way it is advised to be.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • The results are not temporary.

What I don’t like about Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion:

  • You need a lot of commitment to massage every night for 10-20 minutes. (but it pays off you know)
  • Pricing.

Rating: 5/5 – it is definitely a star product for me.

Until next time, take care!


  1. I’ve heard sooo much about this cream I think I should pick it up now…It’s a love-hate relationship for me with FE products. .arrgg

    • try at the store both this one and sandalwood and saffron one. Choose acc to your skin type then. Both are awsum for me as i iave dry-normal skin. Realy? I toh have complete love relatnship with FE. . 🙂

  2. FE girl you are very dangerous for my wallet..:P I have the same fixation for omved products but I guess your tempting reviews wud make me a convert..:)

  3. The cream looks so rich and loaded with goodness of wonderful ingredients..I have not tried it yet, but I do agree Sahiba it must be a STAR product. Nice, detailed and not to forget, a tempting review.

  4. very well reviewed! I think it’s high time that i should start paying heed to night time skincare and i think this cream is the best product to start with….!

  5. Ooh sounds good but not for my skin type. Lovely review Sahiba. But 20 mins??? 😯 Seriously? That’s a hell lot! Won’t ur arms hurt?

    • hehe actually Nafisa I did it for 20 mins only once.. I massage for 10 minutes max and even then I have got such good results… and u don’t have to massage like a professional babe.. just give circular strokes with very light hands watching television or something.. 🙂

    • Thanks Sneha.. you can find Forest essentials stores in malls… Search if you have any in your city.. Online it is available on , jabong and pernia’s pop shop….

  6. I have combination skin. will this suit me , tell me my bugs bunny ? I don’t break out easily, that’s a relief.
    I see 3-4 light wrinkes under eyes n m so much in panic noticing them :(, kya karu ?

    • Hey Taru… This one will not give you break outs for sure… But for summers I would suggest you to buy sandalwood and saffron one or buy both and use this solely on the weekends like me… this basically acts on spots, makes your skin plumped up and glowy.. whereas the sandalwood is not oily at all and gives you fairer and even skin… radiant kinds.. for wrinkles around the eyes go for eye cream instead.. its another awsum product.. read my review on that here.. they have an eye gel and an eye cream, go for the eye cream, not gel.. 🙂
      Aur koi question ho to shoot.. 😉

  7. Wow this is a really tempting review Sahiba..many of are going to empty their wallets after this..!! FE products are really great but ghee fragrance on my face..I can’t stand it..
    and about the twenty mins..thats like an hour for me..!! 🙁

    • Arey you have to use it in a very less quantity Ira and trust me pata bhi nahi chalta… If you sniff it from the jar purposefully toh it smells like ghee…
      and I myself do it for 10 minutes.. 😉
      Still you have hesitations toh go for sandalwood one..

  8. Hi, Nice Review !!!

    I have brought the emulsion but I am not sure how to use it, user it every night then wash it the next morning or use it 2-3 times a week .


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