Forest Essentials Virgin Sesame Oil Review


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Today it’s time to review Forest Essentials Extra Virgin Sesame oil which has proved to be a wonder product from this Ayurvedic brand.

About Forest Essentials Extra Virgin Sesame oil-

The key process for any oil, when it comes to quality, is ‘Cold Pressing’. This means that the oil has been extracted by a natural method which doesn’t damage essential fatty acids.

  • ·       Cold Pressed
  • ·       Organic
  • ·       Nutrient Rich
  • Unrefined

Cold pressed black unrefined Sesame oil is regarded as one of the best oils for massage. It has high lecithin content renowned for mood elevation, and is extremely nutrient rich for nourishing and toning the skin.



forrest essential sesame oil

  • PriceRs 395 for 200ml
  • Care Instructions-Store at room temperature away from heat and light. Refrigeration will help in maintaining the freshness for a long time.
  • Directions for use-This oil can be ideally used as a makeup remover just like almond oil. In winter season this finds place in the night skin care regime as massage oil on the face so that the skin is hydrated till the next morning. It can also be used along with homemade face packs.
  • Packaging-This oil comes in the typical FE packaging of square-shaped cylindrical transparent bottle with a golden screw cap.
  • Product color & FragranceThe oil is light yellow in color and has a thick consistency. The fragrance of this oil is similar to that of nuts.

My experience with Forest Essentials Extra Virgin Sesame oil-

Well this is pure treasure for me as it has proved beneficial for my skin in so many ways. I light sesame oil diyas everyday at home, well that is obviously from a local brand and not FE…! I remember my grandma used to tell me how good sesame seed oil is for the skin.

Honestly speaking, before trying this oil I used to get scared with the idea of using oil on my face, except almond oil, as I usually resist anything sticky or oily on my face, but after using it my whole ideology has changed and now I really love to use this.

This oil has a thick consistency but it doesn’t stays on the skin instead it is very easily absorbed by the skin. The regular use of this oil has made my skin very soft and supple.

I’ve used it as a makeup remover and it gently removes every trace of makeup so this counts as an added benefit of using this oil…J

I don’t remember if I had any breakouts with this sesame oil. This keeps the skin well hydrated for the night and is also effective in treating acne marks or blemishes on the face with prolonged use.

I’ve heard that sesame oil is used in many anti-aging creams too as it helps in tightening facial skin tissues along with nourishing it to the core.


What I like about Forest Essentials Extra Virgin Sesame oil:-


  • Ideal as a makeup remover
  • Deeply nourishes the skin
  • Doesn’t feels sticky in spite of thick consistency
  • It is purely organic and free from chemicals
  • Packaging is great
  • Reasonable price

What I don’t like about Forest Essentials Extra Virgin Sesame oil-

  • Non-travel friendly (bulky big bottle… )
  • Availability is limited to only FE stores

Product Rating- 4.5/5

Would I repurchase/ recommend?- Yes, this is definitely a must try product from Forest Essentials… 🙂


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