Forever21 Accessories Haul & Site Review + Video


Forever21 Accessories Haul & Site Review + Video

I have wanted to visit Forever21 and shop from there since eons! But sadly they dont have a store in Pune and I could never manage to get anything from there. Although I do have awesome pals who have offered to help in that aspect (read Bo n Shwe) there is nothing quite like being able to see what you’re picking up.
So when F21 started their online shopping site I was super excited but had to rein it in since I was on a ban. The minute the ban got over I headed over to the site and Voila! They were having a B3G1 offer going on! So considering that as a blessing from the Bling Goddess I decided to take the plunge and picked up some earrings, bracelets and hair accessories.

My experience shopping from the site:

1. Navigation is fairly easy and all products have multiple views to make it easier for us to choose.
2. The site offers free shipping for purchases over INR2500. Anything below that and you have to pay a shipping fee of INR 200 or 500 depending on the mode of shipping you choose.
3. They have 2 shipping options: normal and express (express shipping costs extra)
4. The only modes of payment are through debit and credit cards. Online banking gals like me can shed a tear at this..LOL!
5. The package took exactly 7days to reach me.
6. The goodies were packaged really well. Each piece came in a cellophane wrapping which was then wrapped in those thermocol soft sheets and then again packaged individually in tiny plastic baggies. All this comes in a large cardboard box which is then covered with the plastic envelope. PHEW!! As much as i appreciate the thorough packaging it took eons to open up. I should say tho that I dont mind it because it just intensifies the excitement! 😉
I loooovveee seriously…before I discovered my blush-fetish i was a earring-o-holic 😉 Here are the earrings I picked up.
Forever21 jewellery
Forever21 ear ring
Forever21 earrings
Forever21 danglers
I haven’t worn bangles since eons but I couldn’t resist when I saw these. I mean cmon, how adorable are these?!?!
Forever21 accesory bangles
Forever21 bracelets
Ever since I’ve gotten my mane smoothed again I’ve been on the hunt for cute hair accessories. I didn’t find anything spectacular on the site so i picked up some essentials.
Forever21 hair accesories
I love my haul and am really enjoying refurbishing my accessories collection after ages. Please do watch the video for a detailed look at the haul and the prices.

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Stay Wise.. Stay Beautiful!

Have you shopped from Forever21 ?

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  1. Ya ana! U know quite well how close i live to the mall! But jokes apart- some of the stuff that zee chose- i havent seen in store – so i guess the collection differs

  2. Been there recently..Frankly..i m liking their accessories more than the clothes nowadays..i hope they come out with some nice collection this winter ..

  3. Hehe..can totally relate to the giggles Zara…whenever I receive my order I am continuously grinning for flat 15 minutes and then get back to normal..and yes I do this only when I am alone..otherwise I suppress my idiotic giggles! hehe :-p

    Awesomeeeee stufff you picked..I liked the bangles and earrings! not so fond of hair accessories! 🙂

  4. Beautiful video. Shows ur love for each n every accessory u picked. Loved d earings d most. All of them.
    N plz tell me which nailpaint u wearing it looked amazing.


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