Forgetfulness- 5 easy ways to get over forgetfulness

 By Nancy
As we tend to grow older our memory gets less perfect every day. Some people fear that they might be getting Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss  but in most of the cases it simply indicates that your brain isn’t able to retain as many of the little details as it used to be.
Some people do need doctors and some don’t – For example I have a friend who used to forget that she is driving while driving her car. This is not simple forgetfulness and it requires treatment .For simple things like forgetting names or car keys one needs mind exercises and practices.
Like all parts of our body our brain needs exercising in order to work most efficiently. There are few simple strategies which helps a person remember things. Below are simple strategies which help your brain in remembering things even if it is not cooperating:-
Ways to reduce forgetfulness
1. Reduce fat intake – A rich fatty diet slows down blood flow to your brain and increase forgetfulness. This is why one feels sluggish after a meal and cant think or remember small details.
2. Set your schedule – Doctors recommend that people with memory problems should set up their routine according to their schedule. Try to wake up at the same time, eat on the right time and go out for walk as scheduled in your plan and so on. By planning one frees himself from remembering 100 of details which he might over look so many times.
3. Practicing observing -We all live a hectic life and it is impossible to remember zillion of details. What you can do is – consciously make an effort to remember the details that matters. Try to practice things which are around you .Narrate yourself mentally what you are seeing, doing and observing. With little practice you will find that you are remembering many more things with less effort. Soon you will start noticing all of these details without even being aware that you are doing it.
4. Set up memory area or zone – If you constantly misplace things like your watch or glasses then set up a specific place in your home where you always put things which you know are in danger. You can choose top of your refrigerator, a table with a living room .Follow it for a month and you will never have to look for glasses or car keys again.
5. Creating memory links – Memory experts have technique named as mnemonic device to help people remember. These are simple mind games which helps a person in associating with the things which he might have to remember with something else that’s nearby familiar. Mnemonic devices are often rhymes and mental pictures. Suppose you met Palak  who is tall so to remember her name you might tell yourself. “She is tall pall palak”
6. Mental exercises and keeping mind active – There are many of us who stop exercising our minds the moment they leave school which is a mistake. Our brain needs constant exercising to stay strong and active. Taking up scrabble or other words games, reading or doing crossword puzzles helps in keeping our mind active and strong.
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