Formal dresses – 7 Fashion advice for women

By Manisha,
Work wear –Do you have a colleague who is always nicely dressed and you wonder how she manages to get this much of time for all this? You just shopped for clothes a week back and still when you open your wardrobe you always crib  about no  clothes? This happen to all of us no matter what is the dress code of your office is.

 Every office has their own dictated a business casual dress code, yet sometimes they do allow us to wear jeans on Fridays.

 If you think that looking stylish is not possible in those mundane dress code then give these fashion tipsa try. You will find something which will make you stylish at the office.
1. Unless your firm is extra conservative you can always add a splash of colors and mix clothing textures to be more stylish. A bright hand bag or scarf and a solid metal pin to the suit lapel makes one stand out.
2. A pencil skirt with a print blouse and crop jacket and coordinating pumps full fills all the requirement of a formal wear.
3. Mix different material textures and colors to spice up your professional wardrobe.
You can always develop your own personalised style no matter where ever you are. One should never try to portray themselves as ultra modernised or fashionable(unless you are working in a fashion house) in their office. It creates an impression that you are an attention seeker and your credential to handle the job becomes doubtful too. Your style, colours and fit of your clothes choice reflects the way other people view your ability to do your job.

Some basic outline when it comes to fitting, style and colours are:-

1.      Fit – Your trousers needs to be fitted but free of visible panty lines. Skirts should be especially straight styles i.e pencil skirts .They should lose enough so that you can sit comfortable.2.      If you are fond of wearing formal  jackets or blouses then it shouldn’t have gaps between buttonholes.


 3.      Common and traditional colours include navy which is a trust worthy colour, grey and black which are chic and conservative. Avoid red as it is taken as aggressive colors especially by other women. Wild prints and bright pinks are some of the colours which are risky and you have to be careful while mixing them up.
4..      Stacks of bangles or anklet which indicate that you are coming are a complete NO No.It is advisable to wear minimal of jewellery stud, earrings or single bracelets with a nice watch.

.                                         Slouch hand bags

5.      Slouchy hand bags look unprofessional and sloppy. Choose structured styles which give an organized and efficient image.
6 Well Manicured nails , clean polished shoes and styled hair helps in creating the right look.

What not to wear in office:-

1.      See through garments and miniskirts with really high stilettos.
2      Wrinkled clothing and baggy fit clothing.
When it comes to office wear it is all about striking a balance between looking good and stylish. One needs to look competent, organized and ready to take up challenges.
A great look will help you leaving an impression among colleagues and will make you feel good about yourself.


  1. yeah, you are write. Formal trouser is the perfect for women to look western style and create unique image in office. Nowadays online shopping makes easy to women to choose right formal wear, they can choose in office also.


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