Forest Essential Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel Review


Forest Essential Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel

Hello Beauties,

Today I am here to share my experience of a skincare product which was a part of my September Haul. I am going to review Forest Essential Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel.

About Forrest Essential Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel-

This Ultra Rich Facial Scrub, with oil rich Orange Peel acts as an effective scrubbing agent and gently removes dead skin cells and other impurities. Antioxidant properties of Ashwagandha, Kasturi Manjal and Amla enriched with sandalwood oil reduce the ill effects of free radicals, leaving the skin deeply cleansed, clear and smooth.

Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel Scrub

Price- INR 1,395 for 100g. You may get it from Flipkart here.


Aqua, Cold Pressed Prunus, Sweet Almond Kernel oil, Fresh Aloe Vera,Shade dried orange peel granules, Shea butter, Glycerin, Ashwagandha, Root extract, sweet orange peel extract, holy basil leaf extract, Kasturi manjal rhizome extract, Glycerol monostearate, Amla fruit extract, Vitamin E, sandalwood oil.
Directions To Use-Apply a small amount on damp skin and rub gently to cleanse. Rinse well.
Packaging– This scrub comes in a round glass tub packaging which is transparent. The scrub is clearly visible in this tub and other details are written on the Forest Essentials label pasted on it. It has a black screw open cap. The packaging is average and nothing very attractive in this. I liked the Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep packaging more than this.

forest essentials peel off scrub reviews

Shade & Texture-

This exfoliating scrub has abrasive particles which are a little harsh on the skin. Sensitive skin may have some issues with the rough action of this scrub on their skin.

My Experience with Forest Essential Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel-

Well, I had basically bought this  product for the weekly exfoliation regime during the month of September. So far my experience with this facial scrub has been average as it removes the dead skin cells effectively and lightens the skin tone instantly by removing fresh skin tanning.

But as the winter season started approaching, I felt that gradually it was drying on my skin which is really a matter of concern as my combination oily skin is getting dry with just a slight drop in temperature, imagine what will it do in the freezing cold season!

Also I feel the scrub articles are little abrasive on my skin which feels too harsh.So, in my opinion it is surely not worth trying again and given the quantity of this product, I am finding it difficult to finish it off as winters have already started so if it will be drying, then I may not use it for the whole cold season.

forest essential scrub review

I strongly feel that just like Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Facial Scrub this one too is not apt for sensitive skin with large pore issues.

For dry months like the winter season, it is strictly a big no but for hot and humid climate it may be useful. But as I have still not used it in considerably humid climate, I not very sure about its effects on the skin. I won’t be re-purchasing it as it is pricey and also doesn’t works so well as other Forest Essential Products.

What I like about Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel

  • Removes Dead skin cells
  • Lightens the skin
  • 100% organic
  • Apt for oily skin in winters

What I don’t like about Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel

  • Abrasive on the facial skin
  • Dries out the skin in winters
  • Not appropriate for combination and dry skin
  • Not that effective

Rating – 2.5/5

Will I recommend?– Well, if you have oily skin you can still give it a try as it surely is an average scrub for the face with 100% organic ingredients. But given the price, I don’t think it is wise to invest in an average scrub. So I won’t recommend it very strongly.

Have you tried Forest Essential Facial Scrub Sandalwood & Orange Peel?

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  1. hey anamika…..mine is combination skin(oily T-zone & rest normal to dry) with open pores and blackheads on nose….please suggest a good scrub, face pack and moisturizer (budget friendly)….

    • You can try lakme scrub ..the recent blue packaging one..they are nice..even fab india and biotique are okay ! you can read reviews on the blog itself 🙂

  2. But it is Men’s Range… isn’t it? Sure it is not for tiny, sensetive woman’s skin. It’s for oily and thick man’s skin. The skin on a man versus that on a woman is significantly different. The ability to grow a beard is just one obvious distinction among many others that are not so evident. From a structural point of view, some of the differences include skin thickness, collagen density, loss of collagen as we age, texture and hydration. These differences in the skin may in fact create differences in treatment care!!!

  3. Hi Kamila,

    Looks like you are from FE itself and if you are I would like to know where on the packaging or in the product description they have mentioned that its a men range..?

    I would definitely not like to try a product which is meant for men skin for sure for the obvious reason you have mentioned above.

  4. =) Hello, Anamika!
    No, Im not from FE, Im just girl from Moscow, Russia))
    You can check it on official site of FE, in section “Men’s Range”)))
    It’s strange that you didn’t check it before you wrote this post or bought this product)

    I presented it to my bf, he is very happy!!! He likes this scrub so much!now! His skin lookin better thn mine 😮

    STOP USE IT!.. and present to your boyfriend, brother or daddy) Indulge them! :))))
    Or.. you can use it for your zone of decollete, neck… or body at all)
    Sure, for face better is ubtan. My favorite FE’s ubtan is ubtan with saffron – “Soundarya” =)

  6. After reading your comment i again went and checked the scrub and its packaging and no where it was written that its meant for men’s ..I didnt get it from FE site i got it from flipkart and there also its not written ..anyway! i didnt rate it well for its harshness which justify it so that means my review was apt 😀

    I stopped using it long back ..:)


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