Forrest Essential Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan Review


By Deepthi,

Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan – Indian ubtan for glowing skin 馃檪


Hey ladies! Here I come with my first review, after my anniversary haul ! I am glad I am doing it for the best out of the whole lot! I have never used any product from Forrest Essential before. The SA on seeing my oil dripping skin, straightaway suggested me to go for this ubtan. And thank god I went by his words. Why?? Read beyond ladies!

  • 脗聽Brand: Forrest Essentials
  • 脗聽Price: Rs. 595/-
  • Quantity: 100 gms


Forest Essential Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan Review

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Ingredients of Forest essential Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan:-


脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Sundried Narangi peel

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Sundried lemon peel,

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 sweet almond seed,

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Gotkula,

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Camphor,

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Marigold leaves,

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Anantmool,

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Nagkesar,

Saffron ext.

Gotkila for anti aging

Gotkula – It is a rejuvenative herb premature aging. Well you can actually see these small sticks, though powdered every scoop of the ubtan that you take.




Camphor for blemishes

Camphor benefits in beauty– It is known to have qualities of reducing sebaceous gland secretion and helps to dry up blemishes.So it芒鈧劉s a life saver for those with oily skin!



Marigold leaes for skin

It is said to be an all in one softener, toner and moisturiser for your skin. Its ideal for those with oily skin and acne. Mixing its leaves and petals with cucumber slices, helps a lot for those suffering with acne.


Anantmool for damaged skin tissue


Anantmool-It is believed to have properties for regeneration of the damaged tissues on the skin.



Nagkesar for skin brightening


Nagkesar脗聽 -This helps in brightening up of the skin.




What the face pack claims:-

A clarifying blend of fresh sun dried ingredients for skin lightening and brightening. Regular use leaves the complexion soft and glowing with a radiant sheen.

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Instant Radiance

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Firming

脗路脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Toning

How to use ubtan /face pack :- Take a half teaspoon and mix with milk or rose water to make a creamy paste. Use to wash face. Rinse well.


How I used the face脗聽 pack

I took exactly half teaspoon.

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Forrest essential  Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan review

Instead of adding rose water or milk, I just added water, so as to see its real results without any the effect from milk or rose water

Forest essential ubtan reiews


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It is not sticky so too much of water can make it flow away. It has a nice fragrance..a fruity fragrance maybe becoz of the orange and lemon..

I washed it after 10 mins. It should a drastic difference on my skin. I looked fairer..had a beautiful glow..and it looked tight and plum. The best that I saw was under my was much lighter than before.

I have used this product twice in last one week..n the result is way more than I had expected.

What I liked about Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan:-


  • It dries up quickly
  • It causes no stretchy feeling, that I usually feel after I remove a face mask.
  • It gives no irritation or tingling feeling.
  • It芒鈧劉s great for oily skin..but I don芒鈧劉t think dry skin would have any problem with it. But the SA specifically said the Soundarya Ubtan is a better option for dry skin.
  • Quantity is more than enough. I don芒鈧劉t think anybody would need to use it more twice a week..because the effect is that gud. So the quantity should easily last for .. I guess six months!
  • It has reduced the oilyness from my face.
  • And most important ..its a divine mask.. makes you look great! My husband usually never finds any difference on my matter how expensive my facial had been! But this time he actually said that its worth it..he is proud that he got that for me!


What I did like about Forest Essential face pack:-


  • Nothing actually. Though Rs.595/- would have been huge for me in normal ase..but this time its absolutely worth it.


Will I re-purchase it again 芒鈧淚 would!!!!!!!

So go get it ladies and脗聽 share with us your excitement on seeing the glow on your face!!! :beauty::beauty:

Which Forrest Essential Face pack have you tried?? 脗聽

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  1. very very nice review Deepthi…………….ubtan is very nice face pack glows skin very much…… it :-)) :-))

  2. seriously …chalo we got a face pack which lightens the skn tone without much of harmful ingredients…

    what say is going to sell like hot cake 馃槢

  3. ya anamika thats a point……….i don’t know why they want fair skin…………where in west women are fond of that……they are making their skin medium by sunning in sea beach…… ?:-) ?:-)

    • actually they forget the difference between fair and glowing……….a medium or dark complexion may be glowing without being fair. 馃檪 馃檪

    • Exactly..ur so right Ani…they come to Goa and Kerala when its winters in their countries just so that they can get the bronzed look…whereas alot of women here crave fairness..I guess this is a classic example of the fact that no1 is satisfied the way they r..

        • but thing is atleast they r not complexed of their colour but many of us are and don feel comfortable about it and wish for fairness all the time 馃槓

          • I know..i know so many people who wana be fair and use all sorts of creams and go for facials just coz they like looking ‘Gori -Gori’.. The dusky gals look so gorgeous and they dont even realize it..

            • yup nothng like a glowing dusky skin with shars features.

              we have deepika, bipasha, rani and many more now but every one liked Katrina and kareena 馃槈

                • hmm all dusky girls should be transported to fair countries and fair girls here..this will balance out things lolz

                  • Why girls maker their selves tired to become GORI… I always admire girl with wheatish tone, big black eyes & long hairs 馃檪

                    • Hihi..sab ka apna apna funda hai..Everyone wants what they aren’t born with..Like i want long hair…lekin my hair doesnt grow i wish they were straight..lekin everyone with straight hair luv my hair and wonder y i like theirs..hehe..its the cycle of life..

                    • Hahahahah u r right Zara, I have long straight hairs & I always make curls in it as I love culrs in hairs 馃檪

          • so why do indian women not like their own color tone……………..east or west indian color tone is the best 馃榾 馃榾 i like inian color tone very much and don’t like any fairness cream :razzmad:

            • u kno Ani, i honestly don’t think anyone really hates the fact that they’re dusky..its just the taunts and remarks they get t hear from relatives,or even parents..I have a friend who’s dusky and even as a child she was compared to her sister and had to grow up hearing remarks on how her sis was prettier coz she was fair..and then hundreds of people wud give her ‘nuskas’ to become it sorta got drummed into her head that fair is preferred over dusky…I think this wud hold true for alot of people..

              • zara u are right…………….but where 95% indians are dark/ medium complexion there why these types of remarks come i don’t know……….in 21st have so much time to compare who is dark, who is fair …for this reason india is a developing country..not a developed country.

                • Exactly..But this feeling of inadequacy and doubt aren’t gonna go away with new fairness creams being advertized day in day out depicting the success of women only if fair complezioned..Even our elders r realising that being dusky skinned ain’t a curse..but these marketing strategies just bring up the subject again n again without respite..if they stop, it’ll just take a couple of years for the fairness-hype to calm down..

  4. Wow! This luks nice..Now I know what m gona get from FE as my first buy..I luv masks and packs which dont contain multani mitti :)) :)) Plus its gona last a really long time for sure..

    Gr8 review Deepthi..Thanks for the idea..Alot of face masks result in tightening of the skin and making my skin kinda coarse…This shud b good..

  5. you made me even more excited to purchase it deepthi 馃榾 馃榾 i have a long pending wish to buy ubtan from FE..but no store near me, so i couldn’t till now…but now whn i visit delhi next time i will surely go to pacific mall to buy this :yes: :yes: (as said by anu, thrs a new FE store opened)

  6. Great ubtan.. Herbal products are best for skin & give ling lasting effects.. Iam dying to try it but no availability 馃檨

  7. A very nice and interesting product and review!

    now, first of all, i’m not sure whether this product is available
    second of all, if and when i get it, is it okay if i mix
    it with honey and rose water since i have dry skin?
    now, what is this soundarya ubtan? i have not read any review here.
    is this available?
    @anu – i love you 馃檪

    • Hey Nims! Soundarya ubtan is specifically for dry skin! N yes you can use this ubtan with honey or milk. Well I used both..hee hee! 馃槢


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