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Thanks all for subscribing to the Makeup forum and giving it a great response 🙂 Frankly speaking I never expected these many subscribers to the forum .It was a small initiative to bring all the problems of the readers together.

As discussed earlier we are starting with the forum sale.Last time when I was selling the product few of the girls missed it out as I didn’t give any shot out before on the blog .This is why a Forum blog sale idea came into my mind.

I will be posting the pic of the product on the buying and selling section with the quoted price.If you are interested in buying then just comment there.

If there is any one of you who are interested in selling of their stuff then you too can upload the pics there with the quoted price which you would like to offer .

Lakme Earth Rose Blush Trio Sale

I am selling of my Lakme Earth Rose Blush Trio an the condition of the product s exactly what is shown in the picture below.You can read the review of the product here


Lakme earth rose blush trio review

You can check out the price which I am selling it off on the forum here.


Lakme Earth rose blush trio review


Benefit of selling the product here will be that it is going to stay there till it is not sold 🙂

Hope this helps everyone 🙂



          • Hihi..Naa..M sure ur stash wud be much much more awesome than mine..m just a novice..

            I do wana sell some stuff..once m back from my trips next month i’ll sit and sort…will also have check about shipping i guess..I’ve never ever shipped anything!hihi..m clueless bout that..Will surelytake ur help.. 🙂

  1. i am very much familiar with this product…………two things i like…..the colors and the design………… the review 🙂 🙂


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