Fraud Protection /Safest Online Shopping Method – Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Safest online shopping – Virtual credit card (VCC)
Many of my friends refrain from online shopping because of two major reasons,
1. The fear of card details getting stolen
2. Unavailability of Paypal account
3. Unavailability of Credit card.
online shopping fraud
I have been an avid online shopper since years,but recently I was in a jeopardy when I was asked to share my credit card details with a resort in malaysia to confirm my booking. Since I had to share my details by mail and not make payment online, I was apprehensive to go ahead. Although I trusted the resort based on tripadvisor ratings, but sharing card details by mail is dangerous, since they can be misused later. It was then my brother introduced me to Virtual credit card(VCC)
1. What is a virtual credit card?
A virtual credit card (VCC) is a credit card issued on your primary credit/debit card. It does not have any plastic existence. All relevant details viz. the card number, the ‘VALID FROM’ date, the expiry date and the CVV number are visible only online. The virtual credit card enables you to transact online with a credit limit of your choice.
ICICI – Gives VCC only on VISA credit card
HDFC – Gives VCC for both credit/debit card
So call up your customer care and get all details 🙂
2. Card Limit?
Starting from Rs. 1 and max will be your actual plastic card limit.
3. Fee for VCC ?
Almost all banks are provding them for free
VCC are International cards, can be used on all websites.
How I use VCC : I keep my limit as Rs 1 always. When I have to shop, I increase my limit to that amount and it gets updated immediately and then I make payment. Thats how my VCC limit is always 1 and no one can misuse it. Plus it has a secure pin for online trading similar to actual cards.
online shopping fraud
Safety tips:
1. Do not shop with unknown websites
2. Do not share actual card details via mail or chat
3. Enable mobile alerts for all kind of transactions on your card
4. Memorize your CVV(3 digit number) and erase it from the back side
5. Always use authentic softwares for PC safety,
6. Never use your card on some one else computer (Strangers and Cyber cafes)
I hope more people will go for online shopping and make use of huge discounts :). Do share tips for safety if you know any ?
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  1. No dear, you just have to login in your credit card account online, change and update. It gets changed as soon as you press submit.
    No need to call customer care 🙂

      • i am still hesitant wen it comes to online payment :)) i askd my frn’s di to order my brushes both time, and my first attempt for online payment was last week when i ordered something from u.t :laugh: abi mere pass itna kahan kharchne ko :-(( but i will earn and learn :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

  2. Thanx so much for this Divs..this has been very helpful..I dint know about this at all! This sounds super safe and a gr8 option to go for…

    this can be be linked to a debit card too? as in when I enter the amt of transaction I wana go for and go ahead, will the amt be directly deducted from my account or will I get a CC statement and have t pay later?

  3. hey anamika. i hv ordered frm most of the indian sites……a little sceptical abt ebay u know. :idk: would luv to order frm thr bt nt tht confident. u know of any paricular shop thr tht is good???? :snicker:


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