Freida Pinto Makeup And Beauty Secrets


Freida Pinto Makeup And Beauty Secrets

Freida Pinto’s story is nothing short of a fairy tale. She comes from a humble background. Freida was a model in India and also tried her luck in Bollywood. But she says that she was not received well as she is not fair enough and does not has Indian looks (and Nargis Fakhri looks 100% Indian :P).
But the luck was on her side and she got her big break in Hollywood. Now she is a well known face around the world. Freida has simple tips when it comes to beauty and fitness. You can also follow some of them.

Freida Pinto Makeup Secrets

freida pinto fitness secrets

We usually see her in minimal makeup and this is what defines her. Freida does not like to use much makeup as she hates to remove it. Her essentials are a kohl, Lip balm and L’Oral Paris Volume Collagen Mascara. She never sleeps with the makeup on. This can be a secret behind her glowing honey skin.

Freida Pinto Skin Care Secrets

freida Pinto Beauty secrets

For her skin she likes to drink a lot of vegetable juices. Freida uses curd on her face as a mask to moisturize her skin naturally. Yogurt keeps her skin soft, smooth and glowing. She washes her face 3-4 times a day but is not high on toning. Freida also emphasizes on the power of good sleep. According to her, sleep is as important as food and water.
Freida loves to go to spas for full body massages.

Freida Pinto Hair Care Secrets

freida pinto hair secrets

Freida loves to get a hair massage regularly. She likes to use coconut oil for this. It helps in relaxing the mind apart from soothing her hair and scalp. Freida washes her hair 4 times a week but stays away from blow-drying most of the time. She believes that excessive blow-drying can do damage to hair.

Freida Pinto Fitness Secrets:-

freida pinto makeup secrets

She starts her day with 3 glasses of lukewarm water so as to flush the toxins out. She takes small meals throughout the day. She always takes food that has all the required nutrients. For breakfast, Freida likes to take oatmeal, boiled egg or omelette and fruits. Steamed vegetables, mashed potato and salad make her lunch. In evening she snacks up on sandwich. Her dinner has a bowl of hot vegetable soup and some grilled fish. Freida like to eat fish a lot. She likes to sweat it out to keep fit. Freida works out daily for 90 minutes. She does yoga, Pilates, cardio and stretching.

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  1. nyc post… i wonder coconut oil suits almost everybody but why not me.. it kind of makes my hair a bit weird nd if i may say so it makes a bit rough and crunchy sortsss 🙁

  2. lovely compilation. so she sticks to basics for her beauty regime.
    btw when i was reading her diet routine, i was humming this song “tukro pe ji rahi hoon” . have u watched that ad?


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