From Womanhood to Motherhood – The Beginning


Hi Everyone!
I got a bit of ‘alone time’ today and thought of sharing my present state of mind and life with all of you valuable readers. Motherhood is a joyous new experience and I am really looking forward to sharing this fabulous life changing experience with all of you.


small-babiesBeing a mother means major responsibilty. Just thinking of it used to give me goose bumps and honestly it was the last thing on my mind.
Life changes on a daily basis and when that maternal urge sets in there is no looking back. Just when my mind and heart got together and surged ahead full speed my body came up with its own issues. I was diagnosed with PCOS. It is then that the thought of never being a mother set in. It was terrifying to think that I might not be a mommy and at that point of time that was my only desire and dream. It took many many months of patience mixed with bouts of frustration along with endless trips to the doctor because of the health issues involved. When complications come they all come at the same time and by the dozen, but God is great and there is nothing impossible with him. He makes a way where there seems to be no way and what a beautiful way he made for Kapil and me. I conceived.
July 9th was when ‘she’ came into our world. Our little conception and God’s greatest blessing. Our Princess.


The delivery was not all that easy and simple. No amount of anything can prepare for child birth. Nature has it’s own way of dealing with life and 12 hours of labour and a C section later my little one was in my hands….simply beautiful, safe and secure. Pain, uncertainty, lack of experience all of this is part and parcel of all things new and beautiful.
A part of me hated being tied down because it meant letting go of the previous life that my husband and I shared. Is there anyone in the world who doesnt want to be carefree? Well, here I was. I had to give it all up. Nothing was the same. Gone were the days and I guess that is why its called an experience because nothing lasts forever except memories. Memories of youth, being a spinster, then a lover and being the center of attention in a marriage.
Today I’m experiencing something new….motherhood and boy does it feel good!
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I am on my way to recovery thanks to the support of my family. A big ‘thank you’to all of them. Everyday brings better mental, physical and emotional well being. I miss my outings at the moment. I am sort of confined to the bed until my stiches heal. There are a few other things. I have to be careful with my diet and I have to avoid spicy food and eating out because all of what I eat goes to the baby and she has to only get the best. I miss blogging and that means all of you lovely readers. Miss our chats and laughs and all the encouragement that we give to one another….but when my baby smiles, my heart skips a beat and my world is just flooded with happiness that makes every loss worthwhile.
Now a days women tend to choose their careers over their lives and pregnancy. Remember ladies, money will come and go, careers will come and go, fame, popularity, freedom all of it but your family and children are here to say in both good and bad. I don’t think anything can satisfy you as much as bringing new life into the world. Everything else is just a mirage in this materialistic and plastic world.Have you heard of that phrase ‘A child gives birth to a mother’? I never understood what people meant when they said “Motherhood is a womans new birth”. I guess it takes a mother to understand a mother and yes, it means nothing more than COMPLETE.Baby-Names
It matters to have a loving spouse cause it takes two to tango and having a baby is nothing short of a never ending jig. A hug, a smile, a comforting smile from him just once a day is enough to keep me going cause time is of the essence once you have a newborn. Hours are reduced to minutes these days and things have changed totally. Previously, we used to get bored at home and look for things and ways to entertain us but now neither of us want to leave our baby…not even for a minute. Just looking at her keeps us entertained. Her smiles, her little yawns, her facial features when she’s dreaming, her little fist in the air …there is no end to it. Kapil and I share a bond now that is stronger than before and ‘she’ will only strengthen it. Together we will plan our lives around her and watch our princess grow, watch love grow……

What did you experience during your initial days of motherhood :). Tell us, we’d love to know.


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  1. This is the most beautiful article I have read for quite a while Ana! I have not experienced this feeling, am far from it. Not even married yet but I enjoyed reading every bit of it and it feels as if Babyy is a part of my life as well. God bless both of you :). But now you would be my second fav., She has taken the first place dearie 😀

  2. So beautiful. Bless your soul, I’m sure your daughter is gonna bring bigger smiles on your face. This is the most genuine experience I read as if you told me this in real. :yes: :cute:

  3. Aftr a short break, i am back into reading blogs again… And boy..This article made me comment…
    U made my heart skip a beat, it was so so touchy…
    Love u Ana and ur baby… I was always fond of babies, and for ur princess, i feel an extra soft corner…
    :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :-* :-*
    words from the heart 🙂

  4. awwww :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) this is sooooooo beautifulllll ana …. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* reading reading and readingggg :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  5. A beautiful post Ana. This is something which comes from the heart.

    No amount of preparation get you ready for the moment we hold our lil one on our hands. I still remember the moment I held Jake in my hands. Such a exhilaration.

    And every day is a new day.

  6. It sure would be ana..sounds awesome indeed..but can be felt only when one experiences it na..btw who does the little one look like ? U or Kapil ? 😉

  7. I have been a silent reader of ur blog for some time now.. this post has really made me comment.
    First of all, Hearty Congratulations on becoming a mother, the biggest blessing in any1s life…
    Thanks for sharing this with us… I am myself suffering from PCOD and I was also under the impression that I would never be able to concieve… but now thanks to u… my thinking has changed…. I hope I get to experience the joy of motherhood soon..!

    • Hi richa, thanks for commenting in…there r lakhs of girls who suffer from the disease but still conceive.just believe that u will:)

    • Glad t have u here richa…alot of us suffer from this…but it’s great t talk about it so that we can put each others fears to rest…. I hope u start ur family well intime 🙂


  8. This is the best post in wiseshe. The perfect one. A tiny tear almost came to my eyes. I am not married but yes I have a better half and while reading I just thought how even our bond will change with a new life. Very beautiful. Moreover, with you issues, i can understand how hard it might have been to get her. I sometimes don’t get it when girls become too selfish and do not think about being pregnant as they are too busy in their career. they have their own priorities and I understand that (i do not want to sound like a old lady lady) I have seen u managing wiseshe. I have also seem my own boss managing everything with pregnancy and a small baby along with a huge team while she was suffering from soo many diseases and issues the whole time. My respect for u and her have doubled now. Thanks for the sweet article.

    • HI SD….I wont take the credit of running wise she because there r lot of people who have supported it ..but one can not blame the woman who think abt their career too because this is what we all dream ..and its always to each on its dont be judgmental :)..when i was suffering from pain i was repelling my decision of getting pregnant :d lolz 😀

      • no no dear…thats what I am saying..i am not judgmental here…..i am no one to blame somebody for their dreams! Thats the last thing that I will ever do! 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 I am just appreciating everyone who are able to manage it all together

  9. Oh My God!!!!! So Beautifully expressed….i can actually feel the joy…
    Congratulation Anamika its really a special feeling..god bless ur daughter.. :-*

  10. awwwww….. what a heartfelt post…. 😥 loved the part where you said about memories…Life is all about memories no… And time goes by us…. Enjoy your mommy-time Ana… :hug-makeup:

  11. Ana, this is beautifully written and straight from the heart. It is true that the bond between u n Kapil will now have changed forever, but it gets sweeter. It’s cute when hubby gets jealous of the attention u give baby and when the baby gets older she’l get jealous of the attention u give ur hubby and that’s super cute :giggle: Would love to hear more bout ur delivery and what was going on in ur mind at that time…in fact I’m dying to know the details! :-)) U’d make a gr8 mother Ana simply becoz of all the effort u put into evrything u do. Hope u have a happy n fulfilling motherhood :hug-makeup: Take care sweety :-*

    • I really really hope i become a good mom and beat k who is just turning out to be an amazing father..touchwood.i will surely come out with the next post soon:;-)

  12. so touchy Ana.. the narration made me feel something like u r sitting in front of me n telling me all these things… the words have so much life in them 🙂

    God bless, A, K & J – J is for Jilloo… our princess.. 🙂

    Lovvs & muahhs to my nanhi pari… 😀

    You take care… rest well….

  13. awww so touchy Ana.. she brings so much happiness n joy with her for family nd for all of us .. God Bless all three of u … lotsss of luv n kisses to lil princess wiseshe :* :* :*

  14. Ana, lovely n a very touchy post. :-)) …realy after reading ur such post i want to experience it one more time….n said to my hubby k lets plan our 2nd child….n he agreed… may b will give all the good news soon….. :dance-left-right:

  15. Ana, lovely n a very touchy post. …realy after reading ur all such posts i want to experience it one more time….n said to my hubby k lets plan our 2nd child….n he agreed… may b will give all the good news soon…..

  16. Ana.. This is the most amazing post i have ever read.. that too in opich .. he he he.. 😀 :laugh: M not fond of babies 🙁 (dono y) I always thought hubby usually forgets wife after baby’s arrival but for the first time hearing diff story from u .. I got married 6 months back .. I feel marriage itself is big responsibility, top of it new job new role all together making my life diffi but yo lines “Now a days women tend to choose their careers over their lives and pregnancy. Remember ladies, money will come and go, careers will come and go, fame, popularity, freedom all of it but your family and children are here to say in both good and bad” made me re think on my entire lifestyle.. :-* Love u 🙂 may god bless all 3 🙂 :tap-dance:

    • hey dear hw will hubby forget wife after baby? he will actually feel mre love na that they created an angel together and wen he sees u he will think SHE GAVE ME MY BABY.. SHE IS THE MOM OF MY KID and love u even more..

      Its just a filmy cliche that hubby forgets wife after kid okie.. So dont u worry 🙂

  17. Hi, I ve been a silent admirer of your site since last 2-3 months and I really appreciate all the good work all of you have been putting. I was never a make up fan but your blog has made me a convert.
    Any ways this post is beautiful and I can relate fully to it as I have two little sweethearts, elder one an angel and younger one a real devil :). I know it is a wonderful life changing experience with its own ups and downs but I wouldnt have missed it for anything in this world.
    Welcome to this roller coaster ride called Parenting!

  18. felt sooooooooooooo nice reading ur post dear.. u really write so very dil se 🙂

    Am really happy for u and wish u 3 all the very best.

    May u always keep smiling and may little munchkins get a sibling in the coming yrs.. he he.

    Girls make superb elder sisters cum mini moms 🙂 and she would really make u even more happy wen u see her handling her sibling as if its her lovely doll..


  19. :-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-* lots kisses to the baby sweetheart there 🙂 everyone around is so excited and happy it must be so wonderful every second. God bless both of you my love to you and the baby :hug-makeup: get well soon dear 🙂

  20. Heartfelt post, shows your love for the baby and your enjoyment of each and every moment .. I usually am not senti types but this post made me feel so much .. I just want to go home and hug my mom and say “thank you” .. but it will never be enough .. my love to all mothers, Godsent gift to humans.. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ..

  21. As I grew I always wanted to be a mother and specifically a daughter’s mother. But towards my husbands side there is no girls in the last two generations so my FIL told me dont expect a girl..its only u who wil be hurt so I prepared my self for a son…but on my last visit to the hospital and my last prayer ..GOD pls give a daughter like Aayushi(my neice) and I wont ask anything ever. I had c-section and am blessed with a daughter…she will turn 1st on 27.07.2012…and honestly for me nothing else I want except that she should get all the happiness in life…Ana I can understand ur feelings ..just enjoy

  22. Congrats Anamika!!! This is the best post on WS…. :-)) I can relate to each and every thing u said, even though it is almost 5 yrs now for me since i delivered my little one.
    In the first month, my son used to cry all the time and i had a mad time figuring out if he was wet, hungry, or scared!! That one month was so terrible. But by the end of that month, i got the hang of being a mother :-)) After that, i could tell exactly why he cried, what he wanted. And of course, after a month, he smiled at me for the very first time…that smile, that first interaction between us changed my life…

    • Thanks girl..i thankfully have started understanding her…that is only because of some 10 people around me all the time :d

  23. many many congrats Ana. What a lovely & heart touching post. I have been waiting for ur good news anxiously. you must have a the cutest one in your lap 🙂

  24. thanks every one..i try my level best to reply to everyone but my health and little doesnt let me sit for long..will reply every one soon ..hopefully 🙂

  25. Wow very we’ll expressed one can tell its written straight from the heart! You are indeed fortunate and blessed with motherhood. May you have a speedy recovery inshallah !
    Congrats on ur Lil
    bundle of joy!

  26. Aww … Ana…. I am touched with this read. I was in tears by the end of the post. Love you darling and much love to sweetie. 🙂
    Being mother, no doubt, is the best thing ever to happen to a woman! 🙂

  27. Such wonderful post Ana…

    Having gone thru it I felt each and every word as if I am writing it. Guess all the moms have one language, of love.

    I delayed becoming a mom for some silly reasons [i.e. Now I find them silly]
    Have our own home, then career… In fact in career I just forgot that I needed to act on this front.
    Finally when I had baby, life and its priorities changed so much that I refused to join back to my post of AGM in this BIG company. It felt like this is what women are essentially made for. May seem quite orthodox, I would have felt so had I heard it a couple of years ago, but Now I tell newly weds not to delay having babies.
    Another thing I would stress here… babies don’t come to us when we want, they come when They want. So the whole contraception thing always doesn’t work FOR us. Even after the use is stopped [no matter what form!!! ] it may take years to conceive, even though there is no problem as such. This has been an experience with quite a few of my friends.

  28. Hey Anamika…my wishes are coming somewhat late …
    Hearty Congratulations to you,your hubby and both families for the new bundle of joy ! 🙂 God bless your little princess!

    And a beautiful post! I am yet to experience all this…but can very much feel every word of yours…actually, I feel pity for the new moms who get back to their jobs almost immediately leaving their little ones with their respective moms or family members…these moments are to be cherished for life…these are the moments which make you realise there is a little special one in life who changed your life forever…

    Congrats once again and Happy Motherhood! 🙂


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