Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask Review


Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask Review

Hello Lovelies,

This is my first review on “wiseshe”, I am writing my review on FRUIT ENZYME FACE MASK by “OXYGLOW”, Please read on 🙂

I came across this product when I was on a casual hunt for buying a face pack (cream-alike) that is easy to apply and sets well without any hassle. I found this at one of the shelves out there. Everyone knows that fruit as well as fruit extracts are good for skin; this pack contains apple and apricot extracts as well as peach extracts, so I gave no thought to buy it.

Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask reviews


  • Price:Rs.110 for 100gms.You can buy it online.
  • Shelf life:3 years


About Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask:-

“With goodness of fruit enzymes and herbal extracts, this unique mask nourishes and rejuvenates your skin while maintaining its optimum moisture balance.”

 Ingredients: –Aqua, Light kaolin, Glycerine, Apple and apricot extract, Grape seed oil, Peach extract.

Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask price

My experience with Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask:-

This face mask comes with a very creamy texture, better than the rest of those that I have tried from LOTUS and HIMALAYA. The fragrance is fruity-fruity, (if you like fruity fragrance then you’re going to love it), I felt so good while having the mask on my face, its thick n thus didn’t leak or fell over, it dried off in 10-15mins, and when I washed it off I just felt AMAZINGGGGG ! The product fulfils almost all the claims it does, it nourishes and rejuvenates skin but leaves it a little dry (may be it happened with me only, or may be because I didn’t use it with the moisturising lotion stated to be used with) but I am still satisfied with this face mask. I don’t have any pimple problem or any kind of scar on my face…**TOUCHWOOD**…So can’t write my experience on this mask being helpful in removing or lightening them.

Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask facial kit

 What I like about Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask:-


  • Very creamy n very easy to apply.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Smell pleasant.
  • Cleans skin effectively.
  • Surely revives skin, and make it feel better.
  • Travel friendly.

 What I do not like Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask :-

  • Cons? Ahhh ! I couldn’t find any till date.

My product rating:- 4.5/5

 Will I re-purchase? :Yes, I will until I find something better. Rs.110 for 100gms of it is not too much to be paid for.

 Will I recommend this product? :

Yes, I will recommend this product to everyone around. I have suggested it to my roommates also, and it suited them also quite well. They liked it a lot.

But I am not sure about it being okay for oily skin.

Have you tried Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask?



    • Sushmita M, Its very much reasonable, and worth giving try.. Try it if you are planning to change your face mask that you are already using 🙂


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