Fruit Nail Art Tutorial


By Shruthi Chauhan ,


Hi Everyone! I guess most of you would be having some idea about the nail-art tool giveaway organized by WiseShe team on Valentine’s Day. So, I was one of the luckiest one amongst those six winners to get these nail art tools. 🙂

Nail Art Tools online

So, to share my joy and also to show you my little stunt with those goodies, I did this simple nail-art. Keeping in mind the weather and also because I was wearing way too dark and hot colors on my nails from last so many days, I thought to do some fresh summery design. Finally I ended up with having these cool and cute cherries on my hands… 😉

Fruit Nail Art Tutorial Picture

Generally base coat is mandatory for all manicures, but I skipped this time as I was going to use White color for this design. So, to begin with I applied white nail-paint on all nails.

simple fruit nail art

Then, with the help of dotting tool (bigger sized) I made few red dots on all nails. Dots need to be bigger in size and you have to draw them in pairs.

Nail art tools


After that, I repeated the same process, but this time with smaller sized dotting tool, just to create some depth. As we know that things get smaller as they go farther from us. So, I made some smaller pairs of red dots this time.

Nail art fruit picture design

Then, I took out the green nail paint and with the help of a thin painting brush made some leaf and branch sort of thing above all red dots. This instantly brightens up the whole design and converted it into the look of small delicious looking cherries. 🙂

Finally, I let it get dry and applied seal coat to prevent chipping and provide that extra shine. And also wore this red butterfly ring to give it more fruity and flowery look. 😉

Simple fruit nail art tutorial

So that’s was it all guys. Hope you liked it. And in the end, I would just like to say THANKS to Anamika for this cute giveaway. Cheers guys and have fun! 😀


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  1. O WOW.. I never thought that so many of you would like this design. hahahahhaah.. thnx guys for your support and appreciation. 🙂 U totally made my day.. 😀 n well Anamika, I m north indian yaar, so it’s shruti n nt shruthi.. hahahhaha. even my frnds who r frm south always do this mistake.. 😉 btw nw I realise tht hw pathetic is my photography, pics r indeed very blurry… 🙁


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