Garba Hairstyle Ideas


Garba hairstyle ideas

With Navratri already on, Garba and Dandiya Nights are being organized around us everywhere. So what is your plan? I am going over the weekend for sure for one garba night. I was just looking around for ideas on how to dress up and came across some fantastic hair styles. So thought to share them with you all.

Half Up Accessorized Hair

accessorised hair

Nothing beats you if you are dressed in semi-traditional look with right hair accessories. Look at Alia Bhatt in the attached pic and imagine yourself. I bet you would be ready in 15 minutes with your hair looking stylized and you looking worth a million dollars! You just need to dryer set your hair and leave them a little moist using a gel or hair spray and you are done long before you otherwise would have.

Semi-Braided rolled hair

braid hair

Another hairdo which looks stunning and is easy to be done specially when you have no time to go to a parlor. Just apply rollers on your hair and then make braids as shown in the picture using half of your hair with a side or a mid-parting, as may look good on you. And you are good to go! This hairstyle has the advantage of not having too many pins to bother you while you are playing Garba.

Braided Loose Bun

loop hair style for wet hair

This hairstyle looks beautiful and is comparatively comfortable to wear as it does not keep you bothering for your bun falling off or hair opening up entirely. You just need to braid your hair and make a bun. You can also curl up your hair at the flicks to add to your look. Do use a hair accessory you always wanted to. Right time for that!

Half Up Half Down For Curly Hair

The Hairline Braid - 10 Braid Hairstyles

If you have wavy hair, you are either happy with them being tied in a bun or in a half up down hairstyle. I myself have curly hair and I know how it feels to plait them or to use them in any hairstyle without some n number of pins!

This hairstyle gives you a style statement with your curls falling in right places. You may use a Maang tika as shown in the pic to have that traditional touch. Also a puff could be helpful if you are okay with some bit of pins.

Open Straight Hair

Open straight hair never go out of style. You can accessorize well and use the look.

Floral Bun

hairstyle with llowers
You could go for this look if you want to look a lot traditional. Flower bun is always in fashion and is definitely in fashion always.

Side Braid


You can also go for a beautiful looking side braid which is very elegant and gives you a traditional yet modern look. You may or may not use a parting. Or, if you are using a parting it could be side or center, which way you may like.

Simple Braid

Voluminous Retro-look Three Strand Braid

If you have long hair, you could also go for this traditional embellished braided tail. This is and has always been a hit with Indian women.

Any of these hairstyles are easy and can be done at home. Choose any of these and rock the party! Have a wonderful time with your loved ones and have a fabulous garba time!!

Which one out of these did you like the most?

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