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About Garnier BB Cream:-

For an instant “perfect skin” – BB Cream combines derivative of Vitamin C known for its antioxidant and brightening properties with mineral pigments to help visibly unify your skin. A miracle you can instantly feel and see on your skin.


Garnier BB Cream Review+garnier bb cream



As always, Garnier has packed a TON of information on their packaging 😛 Please read them below, if you’re interested :shy:


Garnier BB Cream Review Product Details+bb cream garnier reviews


  • Quantity: 18 gms
  • Price: INR 99 (Maybelline retails for INR199 for the same quantity)
  • Ingredients:

 Garnier BB Cream Review Ingredients+bb cream reviews garnier


Packaging: It comes in a golden-beige, slim, flat tube with a white screw cap that needs to be twisted just once to open. It has a precision nozzle which helps to control the flow of product and it dispenses just the right amount. You could even dot the cream directly onto the skin with the help of the nozzle. The tube is really tiny, compact, leak-proof and thus very-travel friendly. It comes in a black outer carton backed with the complete list of ingredients.


Garnier BB Cream Review Package+bb cream garnier review


  • Fragrance: This has a lemon-y fragrance and it has made me wonder why Garnier is so obsessed with citrus fragrance ?:-). From their lightening creams to shampoos to conditioners, they all pretty much smell the same :-/ Thankfully, this one is really mild, quite pleasant and has a refreshing feel to it without being overly acidic or pungent.
  • Color: Only one shade is available and it is a neutral-toned, creamy beige that appears quite light. But since this is very sheer it will adjust accordingly irrespective your skin tone.
  • Consistency: It has a light consistency that is slightly thicker than a lotion and lighter than that of a cream. It is really easy to blend and sinks into the skin within a few seconds. It is non-greasy and feels soft to the touch.
  • Finish: It is very sheer and will in no way cover blemishes, scars or dark circles. It does make skin look just a wee bit bright instantly but within an hour, it looks like I have nothing on which really defeats the purpose of a BB cream.

Garnier Vs Maybelline:

And now the question which everyone wants answered: Which one is better?  Both the tubes are of the exact same size, shape and quantity. Even the nozzle is the same but the biggest difference is the price tag. Maybelline is Rs100 more than Garnier, which means it is double the price. So, Garnier definitely scores here.


Garnier BB Cream and Maybelline BB Cream comparison+bb cream reviews


While Maybelline has 3 shades, Garnier only has one. But it really makes no difference since Garnier is very sheer and will blend well with most skin types.

Both creams are equally hydrating and do not last very long on my oily skin. Garnier takes virtually no time to blend and does not look cakey when layered. Maybelline, on the other hand, can give you a ghostly white cast if you go overboard and will look patchy if not blended well.


Garnier BB Cream and Maybelline BB Cream Hand Swatch+what is garnier bb cream


Coverage-wise, I initially thought both are similar. I felt Maybelline gives the “illusion” of better coverage because of the initial white cast and matte-finish (which subsides with time). Garnier gives a more dewy finish. Hence, just like everyone else, I was all ooh-ing and aah-ing about Garnier and believed it was the clear winner here. :lashes:

Then one day, I wore Maybelline on one side of my face and Garnier on the other and decided to wait it out to see the results. The results amazed me and believe it or not I went back and re-typed a major portion of this review!! 😯



Garnier BB Cream and Maybelline BB Cream blended hand swatch+bb cream


Maybelline definitely made the skin appear more even-toned and even after the white cast had faded, it made the skin appear brighter. (Please note that my hands are darker than my face and that is why Maybelline looks so chalky in the swatches). It also camouflaged minor blemishes and filled in pores. Garnier, on the other hand, gave me the same results a regular moisturizer with SPF gives. It is not a bad cream at all and I love the glow it provides, but it fails as a BB cream since there is no point of a tint that covers virtually nothing.

Rating: -  4/5

Final thoughts:

Garnier retails at half the price of Maybelline, blends easily, evens out skin tone, does not give a white cast, hydrates well and gives skin a healthy glow. If you prefer matte-finish, all you need to do is set it with powder and you’ll get a bit more coverage too. Having said that, there’s nothing quite “miraculous” about this BB Cream, as claimed by Garnier. It is just a tinted moisturizer with virtually no coverage but it is really nice for daily wear. This also serves as a good makeup base especially for those with combination skin. Those with fairly good skin will love it! :yes: If you have problematic skin and you’re looking for a good BB cream, one that will give u some coverage and make your skin brighter and even-toned, Maybelline will be your best bet. I personally like both and alternate between the two based on the finish I desire. :cute:

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  1. I too bought Garnier BB cream and its my 1st BB cream.
    I loved the comparison u did Naf and agree with ur points which u have stated for garnier BB.
    I love its smell and its very easy to blend.I liked it :-))

  2. maybelline bb cream made me look very oily after a point.. nice comparison naf !i really love the way u write.. u really have an eye for detail

  3. here i get two shades in garnier – light and medium.. i m using medium.. bt i dont feel it is hydrating.. need a moisturizer beneath…bt i like the dewy finish it provides… 🙂 btw nice comparison.. 🙂

  4. nice post, just i didnot like maybelline bb cream much, it gave me horrible white cast , though coverage was higher, still it gave me artificial look, whereas garnier one evened out my skin, though sheer coverage, looks awesome on my skin, so i got 2 garnier bb cream, but those who have problematic skin, will surely love maybelline one, gr8 post! :yes:

  5. Great post Nafisa! I have extremely oily skin with acne marks….after reading this I am confused because Maybelline one seems to give coverage but is oily and Garnier one is too sheer. Pls suggest…

    • Thanks Priyanka :-)) I have the exact same skin type n I’d reccomend Maybelline since it’ll help cover acne marks better. I also noticed that maybelline helped my acne but garnier did not really heal my skin. But am not 100% sure of this fact n that’s y i dint mention it in the review 🙂

  6. Nice. Its a very helpful post for first time BB users. I have used both the BB Creams and my review will also would be the same. Garnier is a winner anyday. Maybelline’s finish is quite chakly. Whereas Garnier hydrates well and give that nice healthy glow.
    Only disadvantage of garnier is it comes in one color only. May not suit people with darker skin tone.

  7. Wow, lot of work, Nafisa! Very nice post!
    Even I like Maybeline one. The garnier one makes my skin oily, and almost no coverage at all.

  8. heyeee……..nafisa i hv used mayblne bb……..but dont know y it makes my complexion even darker……..i agree it covers blemishes….and gives moostured skin…………may be problem is the way i apply????????am bad at make-up….i confess :struggle:


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