Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream Review


Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream

Hi lovelies,

Our hands go through so much and we really neglect them. If you want nice supple hands, then you need to stop right there and see what you are doing wrong. I mean we all are not the queen, who doesn’t lift a finger even. We have jobs, we have the house to take care of, some have kids and the list is endless. I make it a point to wear gloves while doing my entire kitchen cleaning. Also I don’t want my hands to show they face all the brunt! I will review a product in order to get your hands soft and supple.

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About Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream

Is intensive restoring hand cream right for me? Yes, if your skin feels tight or extra dry.

How does it work?

Well, its formula contains maple Sap which is renowned for its smoothing properties. It intensively nourishes the skin with moisture and instantly smoothes. Enriched with Glycerine, it moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and more comfortable.

Price: £3.99 for 100 ml


How to Use:

Do not apply on the face.

Ingredients: Aqua / Water,Glycerin,Cetearyl Alcohol,Glyceryl Stearate,Butyrospermum Parkii Butter / Shea  Butter,Glyceryl Stearate SE,Dimethicone,Allantoin,Sodium Polyacrylate,Acer Saccharinum Extract / Sugar Maple Extract,Caprylyl Glycol,Phenoxyethanol,Coumarin,Benzyl Alcohol,Parfum / Fragrance

My Experience with Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream

I went to Boots earlier this week and shopped for gift sets to be taken to India, I needed some essentials myself, so I bought this little beauty.

The hand cream is meant for extra dry skin, it is winter and it makes my skin go blue sometimes. Also at work, we have the radiators. It takes a toll on my skin. I have very dry hands and sometimes I shy away showing them off in winters. I will start wearing gloves when I go outside very soon. But meanwhile I do need some tender love and care.

The hand cream has maple sap and glycerine in it. I don’t know how fancy that sounds. But the hand cream does not have any great fragrance. It does feel like sap 😛 although I have never smelled sap.

garneir how to use

The cream works well on my nails too. I have dry cuticles poking me sometimes and it looks horrible, I really cant do anything about them, thus a heavy hand cream works well for me. I also have a cuticle pen, which helps me get rid of it, but I use it only at night, since it makes my hands all oily.

This hand cream is not very fast absorbing, but it does get absorbed after a while. The hands do feel a bit oily initially. But then the cream sets it.

Over all I am very happy with the hand cream and Garnier has some more variations in hand creams, guess I will try other ones soon 😛

What I like about Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream?

  • Works well in extreme winter months
  • Works for nails and cuticles also
  • Moisturizes hands and relives of dry skin
  • Nice packaging
  • Value for money!

What I don’t like about Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream?

  • Is not fast absorbing
  • Not a very pleasing fragrance
  • Leaves some residue.

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream?

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