Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Roll On Shade Medium Review



Hello Gals,

Today, I am reviewing my favourite eye care product that is Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Roll On in shade Medium.  I started using it three months back and I am absolutely in love with this..

Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circles Eye Roll-on Review+dark under eyes cream


  • Price: INR 199/-
  • Quantity: 15ml


Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circles Eye Roll-on Review+dark under eye circles garnier roll on


  • Ingredients:  Sorry gals I just threw the packaging as I am about to finish it…apologies

About Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Roll On Sade Medium:-

Dark circles not only make you look tired but also darkens your eye contour. Garnier introduces Light Anti Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-on, the 1st refreshing roll-on with dual anti dark circles action

  • Instant covering action: Concentrated in mineral pigments, it covers dark circles in a flash.  Giving you a soft,  natural looking finish for long lasting wear.
  •  Anti-dark circle hydrating care: Enriched with caffeine and pure lemon essence, known for its brightening properties, it combines a hydrating formula and the draining effect of a massage to effectively reduce dark circles and reveal a radiant and fresh look.

Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circles Eye Roll-on Review+dark cirlce concealer


Available for 2 skin tones:

  •  Fair
  •  Medium


How To Use Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Roll On:-

Apply Garnier Anti Dark Circles Eye Roll-on to the eye contour area in light circular massaging movements. The liquid will be applied automatically via the roller ball. If necessary, use your finger tips to spread evenly.

Recommended usage:  Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

I had very visible dark circles and earlier I was using TBS anti dark circle cream but it didn’t help me much… then I come to know about this and primarily bought it to use as an eye shadow base but then I started using it under my eyes and after a week I noticed that my dark circles faded.. It’s a roll on having a metal ball at the head..

I apply it twice a day after moisturizing my face under eye area and over the lids then leave it for few seconds and then blend it with my finger.. It also conceals very well… the formula is not very runny.. just a small swipe is required..

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Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circles Eye Roll-on Review+garnier skin anti dark circles roll on


After blending.

What I like about Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Roll On in shade Medium:

  • Very easily available
  • Cheap and very good for eye makeup beginners like me.
  • Conceals very well.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Helps in reducing dark circles.
  • Doesn’t make my eye area oily.


Now what else u want from a good eye care product  :p

What I don’t like about Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Roll On in shade Medium:


  • I couldn’t find any except limited shade availability.
  • Typically it comes only in two shades for medium skin and for fair skin.

Hope you all find it helpful.

Have you tried Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Roll On in shade Medium?


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  1. Nice one..dimps..i l get this after my aroma under eye gel..which is gettin ovr soon…! 😀 :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: love the review! :yippee: :dance-left-right:

  2. i was so excited t use this..but i dunno y, when i apply this it luks fab but after 15-20 mins, it starts lukin a bit ashy…. 🙁 🙁 i still hav this tho..i luv the metal roller hygeinic and convenient!

  3. i had tried this before but it didnt work for me..Glad it worked for u..Using Aroma Magicz under eye cream nowadays n lovin it..:heart:

  4. I just used this yesterday after a long time…it doesnt work on intense dark circles and kinda looks ashy too if you apply too much 🙁 but if applied lightly it really does help in brightening up the under eye area 🙂

  5. Good Morninig ladies 🙂
    I need to try this, but the non tinted one. My Nature’s Co eye cream is of no use 🙁

    Please someone kidnap me from office 😀

  6. dimpal very nice review…. 🙂 it helps to reduce dark circles and also acts as a concealer…. wow.. brilliant product.. a must have for me… thanks for the review…

  7. well it depends..if u want it for dark circles and soothing benefits then surely the gel..but if u want it for fine lines and dark circles then ill suggest u go for d cream..Though i must tell u ,u have to remove the cream after 15mins..

  8. hey any idea if the medium shade suits wheatish with yellow toned complexion, my friend was saying how both shades are meant for fairer skin tones, i am wheatish and been wanting this, would this shade suit me.

  9. I like the feel and cooling of this but doesn’t work for me 🙁
    I don’t have prominent under eye circles, but this makes them look grey

  10. in my experience when i blend it directly without waiting it leaves gooey eyes… but when i wait for few time and apply a small amount it brighten under eye area.. it doesnt have wide shade range thts absolutely a con as we all have different skin tones and definitely 2 shades can not cover all of thm 🙁

  11. Very useful review.I desperately need this product but couldn’t find it please tell me where I can buy this in delhi?


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