Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On Review


Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On – Hey there!

Like every other unfortunate kid, I had my beautiful pimpled visage phase during puberty. An embarrassing phase, that is now thankfully over but sadly, it left its mark. I have a few pimple scars that look a little awkward and make my skin patchy. Hence  I am always on the lookout for a product to get rid of these marks and combat the occasional zit that pops up.


Garnier Pimple Relief Roll On


The product I am now going to review is a product that I have used for over 4 months, read on to see if it was effective.

Price: 199INR,You can buy it at discount online.

About the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On:

New Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On’s revolutionary metal roller ball helps immediately relieve your pimples. Handy to carry around, it’s even easier to use and pleasant to apply under any circumstance. Its transparent formula is ultra purifying and non greasy. Concentrated in alcohol and salicylic acid, it accelerates your pimples’ drying out, It is enriched with Herbarepair which helps accelerate clearing of pimple marks.


Garnier Pimple Relief RollOn


My take on the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On:

I bought this product after looking at the numerous ads on TV that claimed to leave one with flawless skin after continued use. I wish I could say that ads don’t sway my mind to buy a product that I don’t quite need and sounds gimmicky, but sadly they do. *hangs head in shame*

But nevertheless, despite the ads that claim the Sun and more, this product isn’t too bad. It claims to eradicate pimples in a 2-3 days, but at least takes a week. The drying out of a normal developing zit takes 2 days, but not if you use it on a fully developed pimple.  It doesn’t reduce pimple scars to a huge extent but they do get lighter with continued use.

This pen is also very easy to use. The roller ball does all the work for you, all the while providing a soothing cooling sensation. But this roller ball also means that you can’t share this product with anyone, at least not without running the risk of infections.


Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On


I don’t think this product can help those with acne ridden skin. It is best to be used on a newly developed pimple, which it then proceeds to dry out.


Garnier Pimple Roll-On  Swatch


The packaging is the coolest part of this product. It is small and sleek, making it easy to travel with. The product is also spill proof, thanks to the roller ball applicator.

What I like about the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On:

  • Roller ball is a very effective application system for the product
  • Easy to apply
  • Travel safe adorable packaging
  • Not greasy
  • Only a small quantity is required per application
  • Clear liquid
  • Packaging is translucent, so one knows when the product is going to finish
  • Prevents you from touching or popping your nasty zit

What I don’t like about the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On:-


  • Not as much quantity as one would like
  • Expensive
  • Ineffective for those with acne
  • May clog pores for certain people
  • It may irritate ruptured skin
  • Dispension is slightly unhygienic
  • Can’t be used before applying makeup, because of the clear film that it forms over the skin

Would I repurchase the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On?

I really don’t think so.

Would I recommend the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On to friends?

If you have an occasional pimple, do give it a try. Have you tried the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll-On?

Rating: 3/5


  1. It is not as effective as the claims made. My sister in law was also using it but after a few days of usage she stopped it because it was doing nothing for her.

    • It certainly isn’t as effective as it claims to be. Completely ineffective against acne, but it works on my oneca in a blue moon zit.

    • You are so lucky with the zits! But me too! I have insanely dehydrated skin….

      You are such a sweetheart! :*
      I’ll certainly try to put up a FOTD in the next review. 🙂


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