Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Removing Scrub Review


 Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Removing Scrub

I suffer consistently from blackheads and try to get rid of my affliction in many ways. Recently, I decided to get this product to make sure my blackheads were gone. The company claims that it is supposed to be one of the best products for cleaning up your blackheads.

Well, sigh! I wish!

Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Removing Scrub Review+garnier scrub reviews

Company Speak: Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub uproots existing blackheads and helps prevent their appearance. Enriched with anti-bacterial properties and powerful micro-beads, it is an excellent buffer for spots and scars. Apparently it contains “An unprecedented association in the formula which fights imperfections and their marks. Concentrated Salicylic acid is one of the most efficient exfoliant actives. The proven power of plants – HerbaRepair is a natural active extracted from Vaccinium myrtillus with exceptional regenerating and skin-repairing properties”.

Ho hum.

The good news is, the ingredients are on the pack itself, and I did not find paraben on the pack. However, I did find SLS and salicylic acid.

Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Removing Scrub ingredients

Salicylic acid is supposed to clear off blemishes and well, apparently the other stuff, including all the things that look like your 12th standard chemistry experiment (yeah, right, herbalicious aren’t we?), are there as well. I would suggest you check the ingredients before you fall for it.

  • Price: 150/-
  • Quantity: 100 gm.
  • The packaging is simple, with a flip-top cap which makes everything all hygienic. The product is lightest blue in color with dark blue beads, and you need only a bit for your face and neck. What you should ideally do is use a bit of it to lather up, and then apply all over your face, avoiding the eye area, and massage for 1-2 minutes around your nose, chin and other places where you have blackheads problem. The smell is like… well, Palmolive shaving cream is a close contender, which I like.

This product claims to make your skin blemish free, blackheads free, and oil free. I will say, apart from partly fulfilling the last claim, this one has done nothing for my blackhead or blemishes. However, my blackheads are quite stubborn, so I will grant the product some leeway. On the other hand, it has reduced the size of my pores. I have been using it for the last month or so, and there is no significant change.  I have noticed my skin looking bright, but it is slightly drying, so I follow with a hit of my favorite face cream, to make sure the oils are not stripped off. It has not broken me out, and I have not experienced any new breakouts post usage, so yay in that section. However, I saw no change on blemishes and Overall, I am pretty disappointed with the product. It is not bad, but it is not good either.

Garnier Pure Active +blackhead removew scrub

Pros:Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Removing Scrub:-

  • Travel-friendly
  • Hygienic
  • Nice smell
  • Reduces oil from my skin
  • Reduced my pore size
  • Gives a temporary glow
  • Did not break me out
  • Availability

garnier black head remover consistency+garnier black head remover

Cons:Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Removing Scrub:-

  • Did not remove my blackheads
  • Did not remove blemishes
  • Dries out skin a bit

Verdict: 3/5

I would say, I will not buy this again, because my blackhead problem did not go away. But for someone who has a milder case might benefit from it.

Have you tried Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Removing Scrub?

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  1. Its so frustating , I think my money is gone …. Its only Rs 800 . I was calling them now and they switched off the mobiles …

  2. I have used this. This was so irritating to my skin… I initially thought it was the getting-used-to phase but it completely ruined my skin. I felt this was one of the major reasons for the degrade. I am still recovering. I now stay miles away from Garnier.


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