Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash Review


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When I first saw this oh so fresh looking bottle on a display , the first thing that came in my mind after reading “pore unclogging wash” , was a plunger stuck on my cheeks….. trying to pull the grime out. The image was so weirdly comic that I ended up buying this product out of amusement.

What the product claims: –

It purifies pores and prevents marks. Garnier pure active is a new generation of concentrated formulas tested on acne prone skin. It’s enriched with an excellent exfoliating ingredient which deeply purifies pores. A natural regenerating active prevents the formation ofimperfection marks.

For acne prone skin


garnier pure active pore unclogging face wash review

  • Size:    100 gm
  • Price:  Rs. 150/-


  •   Ingredients: Salicylic acid is the only word which I understood in this list of ingredients. The other ingredient mentioned on the tube is herbarepair, which is a natural active extracted from vaccinium myrtillus with exceptional regenerating and skin repairing properties. Vaccinium myrtillus is a species of bilberry, a medicinal plant.

Direction for use:Gently massage over wet face and neck with fingertips, then rinse.

garnier pure active deep pore unclogging wash review


What I liked about Garnier Pure Active Face Wash


  • The white tube with a blue screw cap seems very attractive.
  • It contains salicylic acid , which was the other reason I got it. As we all know salicylic acid is good for acne prone skin.
  • It smells fresh and minty, which totally freshens me up after a hot day outside.
  • The skin is left squeaky clean after using this.
  • It’s not drying so will suit dry skin.
  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • It leaves skin feeling so minty kind of cool (cos of menthol). It’s simply wow.
  • The consistency of cleanser is very runny, as you can see in the photo. But I kind of like it as it spreads quickly.
  • Little amount is needed so one tube goes a long away.
  • Garnier is available quite easily.
  • It does leave skin soft, clean and fresh.

What I liked Garnier Pure Active Face Wash Review


  • The tube leaks. It might be the problem with only the tube I got.
  • It’s so runny that you have to be very careful when taking it out. First few times, the product gets wasted. But once you get a hang of it then it’s not such a problem.
  • I didn’t really see any significant effect on imperfections. Though slight changes were seen.

Verdict: Though it doesn’t fulfill the claims but still I could see the fresher and brighter skin after regular usage. The only thing which worries me is the leakage. But maybe it won’t happen with the next tube. So I like it and am going to buy it again.

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  1. Hey Ashu! awesome review…i luv reading ur reviews so much…i enjoy the fun element in them..hehe..

    ur tube is not a faulty one..even my tube used t leak a bit..i guess its so runny that it automatically gets a bit messy..

    i dint find this very in it was like an avergae cleanser which dint do much beyond giving that brightened feeling immediately after washing..altho the minty sensation is quite nice and refreshing..

    • thanks zara 🙂 ya the tube really leaked. well i’ll see. actually i get bored by the products so quickly that i normally end up buying a different one … tis one was nice though..

  2. I bought this a while back but do not use it regularly because I always end up talking out extra product in a hurry…I love the tingling sensation it gives to my face after use…

    Nice review, ashu! :-))

  3. MOKP! then ul luv the Chocomint body wash..remember id mentioned it b4? its from Freemans…

    also a minty one from Lush is Demon in the Dark..its very refrshing but the damn thing doesnt lather unless srubbed really hard! one can gt bruised trying to lather!! hehe..

  4. I wld use Garnier in college – tabhi I felt it is so good & so expensive also. I remember I had bought a face wash from this range for 50 bucks & I wld use it in very tiny amnts – I felt it was very expensive :rotfl:


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