Garnier Roll On – Non Tinted Review


Garnier Roll On 

I am a person who doesn’t really follow sleep times and who does night shifts too. You know what is my blessing ? It’s  Garnier Eye Roll on . . .I got this 2 years back when I was in UK. I saw 2 products released . . . Garnier Eye Roll on and the tinted eye roll on. I didn’t like the tinted eye roll on since it didn’t match my skin tone. So I picked this one up. Since then it is one of the best buys for me.


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I use it every time when I feel I have racoon eyes. It reduces my dark circles so much that my hubby even comments on it. The moment I wear it I swear I feel a cooling effect on my eyes. So I use this sometimes during night shifts when I feel so tired.


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Pros:Garnier Roll On 

  • Reduces dark circles
  • Super cool roll on
  • Not pricey


Cons:Garnier Roll On

  • I don’t find any


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  1. Fab India eye products are big duds 🙁

    Gooood morning tulipssssssssssss it is soooo damn cold..i wonder why it is snowing here..lolz

  2. this works kya 🙂 nw i have to get this one..
    U knw these garnier products are priced nearly double in UK.. I am glad abt dat though :disdain:

  3. Luckily do not have dark circles so I don’t need this. But i have the tinted one as i need to use it as a just to brighten up the eyes and even eye shadow base many times.

  4. i used this. never worked for me. The best part of this is the sssrrrr feeling i get when i run the cold metal eye ball on eye area . I still run it only for that 🙂

  5. who ever used garnier shampoos among my frnds and family, ended up greying their hair, literally.. I have seen with my own eyes, their products are actually very strong and usually don’t suit most of the users.. that light moisturiser, it’s an absolute dud I tell u..


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