Gatsby Super Hard Hair Gel Review



By Jaya Pradha

Gatsby Super Hard Hair Gel


Hi buddies

Hope everyone is doing well!This time I’m going to review on Gatsby water gloss hair gel. And I have to say this. This is the first ever hair gel I am trying. I had a very long hair (past by waist). But as it got thinning I had to cut it short. To leave my hair loose I was in search of some gel products to get that free style look. This is the product that caught my eyes. Actually there are various levels of hold coming up with Gatsby. I took the super hard level so that my hair wouldn’t go frizzy while trying my favourite French braid hair style.


gatsby super hard hair gel


About Gatsby Super Hard Hair Gel:

There are no claims as such. But the label says wet look and gives super hard hold.

CAUTION:for external use only. Stop using if irritation occurs.

PRICE: RS.30 for 30 g.

SHELF LIFE: 3 yrs.

My experience with Gatsby Super Hard Hair Gel:

First when I bought this gel I wanted to try on my loose hair. My hair is already straight and it gave me a super sleek look, though it did not make my hair rough. The product comes in both tub and tube form. I bought the tub one.


gatsby hair gel


The tub is transparent with an inner and outer lid. Seeing the ingredients, I got reminded of my chemistry lessons. The gel is in very pale yellowish green color. The consistency is like a gel (after all it’s a gel), and doesn’t melt in this hot summer. I wanted to say the consistency is pretty good to hold frizzy hair. The hold stays quite for long time, say 6 hours.

To test its holding capacity I curled my hair without heat after applying this gel and slept. Morning I woke up with wonderful curls and to my surprise my curls stayed almost 5 hours. For me that’s enough to go to college and come back.

You need not worry about the caution, after all we use hair gel only on hair and not on scalp !!

So yes am so happy with my cute little Gatsby J and for such low price you will not get SUPER HOLD items. But only small problem with this is that it is sticky. It makes my fingers so sticky while applying. You cannot expect much for this value.


gatsby hair gel swatch


Otherwise, the product is worth its value. The quantity is pretty good and will go a long way. It might suit for straightened hair or for any hairstyles which you may need to be non-frizzy. I tried for my French braid and did not see any hair peeping out of hold for the entire day. So it has become my favourite product since then.

What I like about Gatsby Super Hard Hair Gel:

  • First of all its super cheap.
  • Does what it says, gives super hard hold.
  • Comes in a cute tub packaging.
  • Consistency is just exact to give you lasting hold.
  • Shelf life is for 3 years. So anytime I can opt for some other and return back to this product J
  • Gives you a wet look.

What I don’t like about Gatsby Super Hard Hair Gel:

  • Might make your hair rough if you have dry hair.
  • Stickiness is a big problem. You need to wash your hands after applying.
  • Ingredient list is a chemistry chapter.
  • Contains parabens.
  • No fragrance. I like if my hair has some nice jasmine smell. If you prefer scentless gels, it’s a good buy!

MY RATING: 3.5/5

Deserves a repurchase? Definitely yes and worth a try for its low cost and super hold.

Have you tried Gatsby Super Hard Hair Gel?

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  1. nice review… i always think hair gels are only for men… now i wanna try this… if possible, do a separate post on how you curled your hair without heat using this gel 🙂


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