Genius Tricks To Get Rid Of Blackheads With Hydrogen Peroxide


Genius Tricks To Get Rid Of Blackheads With Hydrogen Peroxide

Ever wondered why these blackheads are always surrounding us while we take care of our skin so much. But still those open pores with those little black irritating menace pop out of nowhere and make us look ugly. I so hate them and I am always worried about diminishing them somehow. Well, as always this made me to research on it and found this chemical called Hydrogen Peroxide to be an effective solution. Let’s understand this better.

Blackheads are formed when the pores open and oil gets clogged in them. Similar somewhat to how we treat the water clogging on open pot holes on the road, it needs some treatment which could dry this oil and pull it out of our skin.

To remove blackheads, we first need to understand what we are going to use Hydrogen Peroxide, well. As Wikipedia defines it, it is the simplest peroxide which is a good oxidizer, bleaching agent and also a disinfectant. So, it is clear to us that it is safe to use.

Skin Cleansing

We must prepare our skin first so that it is able to take the chemicals and receives the treatment given in a proper way. The first step would be to cleanse your skin. You may use a normal cleanser or the one which suits you. After this take a mixture of sugar and water to exfoliate your skin and make it absolutely ready for the hydrogen peroxide session. Do remember sugar is a big and very effective exfoliator that would take care of your dead skin well. Some people also use salt instead of sugar but salt can be drying as it does not excrete juice rather it absorbs water of your skin.

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Now when you have opened your pores with cleanser take the hydrogen peroxide in a diluted form and apply with cotton to the affected areas alone. Do not apply it on your eyebrows or too much near your hair as it is actually a bleaching agent and might discolor the parts you would not want to.

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After this, apply 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil or olive oil or avocado oil to your skin to act as an emollient to save your skin from the harshness of the dust etc. It will also help your skin to retain moisture.

Don’t over scrub!

One word of caution while using hydrogen peroxide is that you must not over scrub your skin or exfoliate it only to adequate extent, so that there is no inflammation or rashness happening which could make your skin suffer instead of cleansing or clearing it.

Also, the cleanser that you use should also be suited to your skin and not something which you have to regret about as the cleansers also would open some pores which could make skin irritable after scrubbing. I would suggest you to use a mild cleanser.

Another word of caution while using hydrogen peroxide is to avoid its contact with your eyes. Be really careful about it getting into your eyes as it is a chemical after all and might harm you. In case you do, you must rinse your eyes thoroughly and if required please do visit your physician once.

Rest assured you will find your skin rejuvenated, shiny and better than before. Do try this and share your experience!

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