Gentelle Moisture Rich Baby Bath Review


Gentelle Moisture Rich Baby Bath Review

Today I am revieweing a very very cute product. It is a Baby Bath.  It is basically a liquid body wash for babies.  Babies are beautiful, so precious but they are all different and have different needs. Some have dry, flaky skin, some have chubby little fat rolls you just want to squeeze while others encounter irritation and nappy rash that needs comfort or soothing.  One thing that all babies need is a range of products that are non-irritating and gentle, moisturising and softening. 

Gentelle Moisture Rich Baby Bath is suitable for sensitive skin. This mild and gentle formulas is enriched with moisturising oil, to help leave your baby’s delicate skin soft and smooth.


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McBride is one of Europe’s leading developers and manufacturers of baby care products.  They have an entire range of baby toiletries using formulations that are designed for the sensitive skin of babies and younger children including parabens free formulations.  It includes baby shampoos, bath foam, cleansing lotions and oils.  McBride’s Gentelle baby range provides a cost effective solution across the baby care category.


Gentelle Moisture Rich Baby Bath Ingredients:-

gentelle rich baby bath baby wash reviews ingredients

  • Quantity: 300 ml
  • Price: INR 199

You can also find the Gentelle following products online:

  • Gentelle Baby Body Lotion

  • Gentelle Baby Oil.

  • Gentelle No Tears Baby Shampoo

  • Gentelle Baby Powder

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To use this baby bath you have to pour it under warm running water.  It will foam and bubble and once you have filled the tub or baby bather with the appropriate amount of water you can place the baby in it and bathe the child.  You can rinse the baby with fresh warm running water .

I some time pour  a bit of it on the baby wash cloth  and rub the cloth gently on the baby skin .I saw this technique on you tube and have been  practicing it since then.What I liked about the product most is the fresh fragrance  because while massaging there  is a  bit of oil fragrance left  behind which doesn’t go when soap is used. Gentelle Moisture rich baby bath removes away all the olive oil smell  leaving the baby smelling fresh all day long.

Gentelle baby wash moisture rich reviews+baby liquid lotion for dry skin

What I like about Gentelle Moisture Rich Baby Bath:-


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paediatrician Approved
  • Apt for sensitive skin
  • Paraben free
  • Very mild and gentle
  • Enriched with moisturizing oil
  • One bottle will last for long .
  • Inexpensive product
  • Bottle packaging which prevents wastage of product (You never know when the baby kick the bottle :o)
  • Icy blue shade of the body wash.
  • Easy to clean off.

What I don’t like about Gentelle Moisture Rich Baby Bath:-


  •  Only available online

Moreover , the fragrance of this baby bath made me such an addict  that I myself had a bath with  it “:D .It’s so gentle and gives that “Oh so soft ” feeling.If you have sensitive skin then try using the product your skin is going to fall for it .It won’t give any heavy duty clean feeling but a gentle touch 🙂


Have you tried Gentelle Moisture Rich Baby Bath for your baby or on your self?


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    • u wont find this in shop Naf..its only available online and moreover its a baby brand so may be got un noticed albit its popular abroad i guess.


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