How to get rid of Blemishes and Effective Remedies


How to get rid of blemishes and effective remedies


Everybody cherishes for a clear and spotless face irrespective of gender. Having a face with spots and blemishes induces an inferiority feeling in the person and there is a certain lack of confidence in the person while projecting himself/herself in front of others.

While the changed lifestyle and eating habits have affected the texture of the skin of men and women, it is also a matter of concern that the drastically increasing levels of pollution in the cities has also added up the skin problems in people. In addition to all that, the ozone layer depletion has attributed to several skin problems and diseases caused due to the harmful sunrays.


getting rid of blemishes


Amidst all these scary problems, dealing with major problems of the skin has become a tedious and consuming job for people and that too it is quite difficult to manage, provided the fact that people are already so much busy in their life and career that they hardly get any spare time to make amends and think about these problems.

Well, coming back to the topic of the post, here are some suggestions related to the problems of blemishes and the effective remedies through which it will be quite easy to make those blemishes & spots fade away.

Ways to get rid of Blemishes

Blemishes are skin imperfections like dark spots, acne marks, freckles, pigmentation marks and are caused by many factors including the harmful sun rays. These imperfections tend to make the face appear not presentable at all and are a cause of embarrassment for the person.

There are a few ways in which these blemishes can be permanently vanished away. The methods include the chemical procedures like chemical peeling, surgical procedures like cosmetic surgery and natural procedures like homemade remedies to get rid of blemishes. We will know about them separately in detail.

Chemical Peeling

This is a procedure in which the blemish affected area is treated with a chemical solution, mostly alpha & beta hydroxyl acids (AHAs & BHAs) which have the potential to wear out the external layer of the skin so that the imperfections on the top most layer comes off with it and the skin is blemish free. This is synthetic procedure and requires the consultation of the dermatologist to undergo such kind of process keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin and the side effects that can be caused.


chemical peel


Cosmetic Surgery

This is also an easy and expensive method of getting rid of the skin imperfections. It is a major procedure followed on the skin and only expert advice should be followed in this regard otherwise the after effects of this procedure are also capable of ruining the skin.


cosmetic surgery


Natural Methods

This the most popular and cheapest method of getting rid of the blemish marks in a very easy, effective & natural way. These methods make use of our day to day use things and employ various remedies to improve the texture of the skin and make it blemish free. Here we will know about some of the very reliable remedies that are followed for having a clear and glowing skin.

  • Firstly it is very important to apply a sunscreen lotion to get protection from the harmful sunrays. Choose a sun block which has higher SPF count to get maximum protection.


sunscreen lotion


  • Tea tree oil has gained recent popularity in treatment of blemished skin and is an active ingredient in most of the anti-blemish creams available in the stores these days.
  • Lemon, tomato and potatoes are known to contain juices which are really effective on the dark spots and marks of the skin. These things are readily available and are very natural remedies without worrying about any side effects.
  • Turmeric powder, Milk and Aloe Vera are some of the most commonly employed remedies to treat blemished skin.




  • Egg whites, honey, yoghurt are also used in getting rid of acne marks and dark spots of the face.


yogurt face pack


  • The use of almond oil which is very rich source of vitamin E is also a great remedy to fade away those skin imperfections.
  • Sandalwood has cooling properties and is capable to diminish the blemishes from the face so a pack of sandalwood powder with some rose water is also a great way to get rid of the spots.


sandalwood face pack


  • Fruits like papaya, avocado, and cucumber are also known for their skin lightening properties and are known to be one of the most effective methods in the treatment of blemishes.


remedies for blemish free skin


  • Neem leaves are also known for their skin disinfecting properties and act as suitable method to deal with skin pigmentation.
  • Essential oils like extra virgin sesame oil and olive oils are also used in the lightening of dark spots and pigmentation of the skin.

Natural methods are easy to follow and are safer than other options of treating blemishes but only thing is that they require a lot of patience as all the above mentioned remedies are effective over a period of time and gradually how their effectiveness on the skin.

Which is your method of getting rid of blemishes?

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