Get To Know Me Tag

Generally! I don’t  get the time to do tag post as most of the time goes in the planning, reviewing and various other things which keeps happening at the back end of the blog so that we can present the best of the things to you.
I have seen this tag on quite a few blogs abroad so i thought it will be a good idea to write about me as this way I will get to know wise she readers more:)
get to know me
Here we go with the questions:-
  • Are you named after anyone?
 Well not really! My parents and  relatives use to call me with all sorts of funny  names and therefore when my school admission was taking place the principal  recommended Anamika to them which they sort of liked.
  • When was the last time you cried
I have cried many many times after Anvika was born as I was just not able to understand her in the beginning . It was really difficult for me  to deal with C section and a colic baby together.
  • Do you have kids?
Oh yes! I am a new mommie of a soon to be five month old baby girl and this is turning out the best phase of my life right now.I love kids and probably would love to have 2-3 more .Reading this my hubby might just have a mini heart attack 😛
  • If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Ofcourse! It will be so much fun as having a person who loves to shop, eat out and talk all the time and is focused too .It will be too good to have  a person like this 😛
  • Do you use sarcasm a lot? 
Not on the blog but in my personnel life I do :D.
  • Will you ever bungee -jump?
  I would love to.I am quite an adventurous person by nature and like taking lot of risk in my life.
  •  What’s your favorite cereal?
Mueseli with lots of dry fruits.
  •  What’s the first thing you notice about people? If a person is talking to me for the first time I generally notice the eye contact and how comfortable the person is talking to me  and it’s easy for me to break the ice with any one.
  • What is your eye colour?  Brown.
  • Scary movie or happy endings? Happy ending for sure.
  • Favorite smells?  Fruity fragrance and of  hot biryani
  • Summer or winter? 
Winters.It’s the time of the year when one can have all the green vegetables  sleep for long hours, enjoy soups unlike summers where I hate eating, going out and then power break downs here are horrible.
  •  Computer or television?
Computer all the way.I rarely watch T.V.I don’t remember watching any programme without doing any other thing simultaneously.
  • Do you have any special talents?
This is kind of boastful I guess but I learn things  quickly.I learnt swimming in a week and various other things.I can manage 5-6 things simultaneously and this is the reason I am able to manage a huge blog, a baby, my house and still have fun .
  • Where were you born? I was born in Rajasthan.
  • What are your hobbies?
 I like learning anything new, compulsively shopping , watching   English/Hindi movies and series with my husband. We have completed Friends, Harry potter, Lord of the rings , James bond, Mahabharata .We completed each series in just like a week and have re watched  many of them !
  •  Do you have any pets? 
No and I don’t think so will like to have one..I feel it gets little unhygienic with a baby around.
  •  Favorite movie?
Too many to list down but recently I saw Life of Pi and I loved it.I can watch Harry Potter, Dark Knight, LOTR series any time of the day.Forrest gump, Titanic  etc etc.list is endless.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
I always wanted to do something of my own and by the grace of God I am doing that.I probably would like to take things further ahead in larger scale in near future.
I tag all of you  here.Just copy paste the question below and let me know you better.If you have a blog and you have the time then you can do in the comment section 🙂
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  1. My name was my dads choice!i was actually named jhalak by my moms bua but it was shot down..thank god!
    Last i cried was a few days bk coz of a fight
    no kids… as yet..married only for 2 yrs
    im scared of hieghts.. ironic i know.. considering i used to be in the air all the time.. so bungee jumpoing out of the question!
    i can be really sarcacstic
    fav cereal is museli with strawberry and banana
    more than comp and tv,.its my iphone i am in love with.. my life runs on it.. work ,blog entries messaging etc
    special talent.:is i leanr things v quickly
    born in Mumbai ,love reading and movies and my all time fav movie is ddlj!and jerry maguire.. cheesy yes but i love it
    My hubby wants a pet and hes been told it will be wife or pet.. not both!lol

    • lolz Shweta..if u would have been named Jhalak then u will be sharing yur name with a serial..Jhalak dikhla aa..

      i am sharing my name with a serial ANmaika where i think she is a witch.:P

      • I just remembered..when the ads for the serial started and the serial name flashed on screen, J turned and started giving me these looks n asked me, ‘ Teri wiseshe friend ka ma’am bhi anamika hi hai na?’ I gave him this look and v had a gud laugh…

          • Ana, was that your real name OMG i thought it was ur pen name 😛 am so sorry.. I mean Anamika gives a meaning “Person with No Name” so i thought so as to not to disclose ur name u have kept like that..

      • hheeh okies 😛
        my name was my grandmom choices initially i didnt lyk it but now m really happy tht bengalis mere naam ka kabara nahi bana skte 😀
        last cried yesterday had a fite wid tops 🙁
        nah no kids not married till now but wld luv to have kids :heart:
        yes aleast i would one have person who cld understand my mood swings n insatiable lust for cheese n chocs.all wt gaining thingies 😛
        i can be sarcastic sumtyms but nly to ppl who r close to me.
        i have already done bungee d adrenaline rush :yippee:
        fav cereal museli wid pineapple n strawberries
        hmm i guess i notice d body language of ppl when i meet first tym..if sum1 is over friendly or over showoff thts a turnoff for me
        eye color blackish brown :nerd:
        happy ending 😀
        fruity, spicy, wood fragnance
        winter all d way..i hate summer 😐
        computer..i rarely c tv.
        hmm spl talent i dont think so 😛 i think i am a good painter.. n was my captain of basktet ball n kabadi team during school days 😛
        was born in jharsuguda,orissa
        hobbies.collecting old coins n stamps.(yup i knw crazy :devil: ) watching movies,listening to songs n eating tops’ head 😉
        rite now i dont have pets didnt get one after my tommy died 😥 but i have grown up wid pets around me..dogs,cats,parrots n cows too 😀
        fav movies thts a huge list..will give names of few must watch sisterhood of travelling pants, letters to juliet,once, titanic,inception, life of a pi, kungfu panda, ice age series, lord of rings series n many more :drunk:
        i always wanted to be independent n stand up for myself as everybody thinks i am too delicate 😐 n i happy tht today i am independent n proud tht i have stood up for myself widout ne fear against d wrong :-))

  2. both r quite different Prachi..trace gold will be more wearable i believe as i have albatross and i didn’t find it that interesting.

  3. Are you named after anyone? no my dad came up with my name, that means- friendship
    When was the last time you cried- i m a cry baby & cry @ the drop of hat…..hubby always has a tough tym sereneding me 😛
    Do you have kids? not yet…..ll think abt it after we complete 2 yrs of marriage
    If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I love myself a lot & gud @ making frnds & also loyal types as m august born so i guess i would’ve
    Do you use sarcasm a lot? yes
    Will you ever bungee -jump? no way…..too much for me, icant even enjoy a merry go round :shame:
    What’s your favorite cereal? rice…..hehehehe 😀
    What’s the first thing you notice about people? sartorial sense, way of speaking & grammar
    What is your eye colour? Brown
    Scary movie or happy endings? watch both bt love romcoms
    Favorite smells? earthy smell when it rains & smell of chocolate & indian sweets
    Summer or winter? in between….u know ‘gulabi sardi’
    Computer or television? computer, i surf on net all day
    Do you have any special talents? sleepin :blush: i m gud @ drawing & writing & gud with languages so hv anchored college shows & our local shows & once also been a co-RJ :shy: all things Virgo :female:
    Where were you born? Uttar Pradesh
    What are your hobbies? drawing, reading, movies, music, dancing, talking, writing, shopping, sleeping
    Do you have any pets? noooo…..i will nvr hv one- unhygienic & anyways m scared of dogs, cats & even of birds to some extent
    Favorite movie? Jab we met, love actually, when harry met sally etc etc
    What do you want to be when you grow up? hehe….m already 26 so grown up enough….wanted to be a designer, RJ or copywriter bt nvr took life seriously until i found myself stuck in a sarkari naukri in a bank…..left it after 2 yrs, now learning German & luvng it so will try smthn related to it
    :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll: :yippee: :dance-left-right:

          • Ok here goes:
            I was named after my grandmother (father’s mother) and the actress Nafisa Ali coz mom was (and still is) very fond of her 🙂
            I have a li’l boy who is going to turn 3 this december
            I would love to be my friend coz i’d like to be friends with someone like me and since i am like me n my friend is me and hence like me so yeah that’d be fun 😀
            I do use sarcasm but not a lot
            Ive generally been the adventurous sort n always considered bungee jumping. But my adventurous side sort of died somewhere down the line after gettin married n havin a baby
            I like regular corn flakes with strawberries n bananas
            I like to analyze people n notice their personality. I also generally notice accents. I love languages and pronunciation 🙂
            My eyes are brown
            I like scary movies with happy endings 😛 Hehe, I like both actually
            I adore fruity fragrances. Also love the smell of the first rain, freshly washed clothes, ink erasers ( weird i know :blush: )
            I like summer since i feel cold very easily and cover myself in blankets even in the peak of summer. But i like winter coz my skin behaves well then 😀
            Computers for sure since i can download anything n watch all day
            Special talents..hmm…i’m a classic example of jack of all trades master of none. I can do pretty much everything even though i’m not the best at it. I also have a knack for keeping secrets 😉
            Do you have any special talents?
            I was born in Chennai
            My hobbies include interior design, organizing, cooking for others, singing, browsing thru blogs, pampering my hubby n son, observing animals n birds (yes i love animal planet n the discovery channel)
            I have a cat at home. Ive grown up around cats n love them…esp kittens
            Favorite movie? So many. But one that I’ve loved like forever is Father of the Bride. I can watch it a million times 🙂 Also like Gothika, How to lose a guy in 10 days, Omen, Home Alone, A Beautiful Mind ….aah i cud go on

            • a beautiful mind is my fav too..and u watch animal planet..that is so cute..Naf..

              and i have a image of yours like of a delicate darling .didn’t know u were an adventurous kind before. 🙂

  4. Are you named after anyone? – After my mom’s fav diety.. she worships kali/durga .. since we don’t name the girls kali or durga here .. she settled for Janani.
    When was the last time you cried? – hmmmm.. i seriously don’t know ..
    Do you have kids? – i am single and no kids of course !!!! 🙂 😉
    If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? – oh yes .. if I’m a book worm, loves chocolates, make-up and thrillers … can talk the head off anybody, and cook like crazy then yes i’ll be a friend of myself !!!
    Do you use sarcasm a lot? – when the need arises, yes I do.
    Will you ever bungee -jump? – that is definitely there on my bucketlist..
    What’s your favorite cereal? – cornflakes (honey flavoured) with bananas and apples.
    What’s the first thing you notice about people? – eye contact and body language.
    What is your eye colour? roasted coffee bean. (that’s a different brown !!!)
    Scary movie or happy endings? scary movies ..
    Favorite smells? musk, cedar wood, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, Jamaican coffee bean (raw and roasted both !!!!) , fresh paper, lavendar , and all berries !!!!
    Summer or winter? – staying in bangalore, I crave summers ..
    Computer or television? – My new galaxy tab.. PC and TV put together in a pocket size tablet..
    Do you have any special talents? – i have bucket loads of patience (Only when i want to) .. and a hard willed determination to get exactly what i want .. a memory which surprises me sometimes ..
    Where were you born? I was born in Chennai.
    What are your hobbies? – Books, Music, Movies, friends, phone, pets, gardening, cooking..
    Do you have any pets? – Yes .. a 2.5 yr old Samoyed called Snowfire aka snowy ..
    Favorite movie? – way too many .. in too many languages .. and not enough space..
    What do you want to be when you grow up? – I want to be my own boss !!!

  5. • No, my atthai (father’s sister) named me and she thought it was a very rare name that time.
    • A while back when I saw a movie on a child losing her father. Reminded me of myself when I lost him
    • I have a god-child, my best friend’s daughter – Parinika. Biological – No, unmarried. I doubt if I will have a biological, but I want to adopt one, God willing!
    • Sure, because I like my own extrovert behavior and introverted phases
    • No, I only wish I could at the right time.
    • No, I am terrified of heights. I can’t look down at all
    • I don’t like cereals in general, if forced to consume I don’t mind a bowl of muesli with dry fruits and blueberries
    • Dress and eye contact, in that order 
    • Brown inners and dark outer lining. Its difficult to explain
    • Happy endings all the way, I am a romantic sap.
    • Citrusy and fruity.
    • Winters – in love with everything about it. When abroad, I love the period just before spring, everything feels new and nice.
    • Neither, I’d rather sit and read a fresh, new and minty novel. I love the smell of new books.
    • Crocheting is one and crafting another. I love doing both as a stress buster, off late I have ventured into designing for my aunt’s boutique.
    • Bangalore
    • Reading, DIY and listening to music.
    • No, I cant live with one
    • Way too many to name here – 50 First Dates, Chak De India, A Wednesday, English Vinglish are the more recent ones
    • I am already grown up, but eventually I’d love to own a boutique that offers niche clothing for plus size Indian women in Indian and western wear. Being one I understand how difficult it is to find one at affordable prices.

    My 2 cents 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Btw, did I mention?? I love tags!!

  6. Ooh! Interesting..I love tags! Here’s my response..

    Are you named after anyone? Nopes. my Dad named me Zara simply because it thought it was unique and suited me.
    When was the last time you cried.. Hmm… Earlier this month when my migraines were really bad and nothing seemed to help. I felt like I had some terminal disease no1 was telling me about.. LOL!!
    Do you have kids? I’m married but no kids yet…although I consider my Hubs as one 😉
    If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Absolutely. I love the way I am and how strong my experiences hav made me…I’d b a gud pal to myself 😉
    Do you use sarcasm a lot? I used to a lot..but earlier in college I realised how much it cud hurt others… I mean, if I don’t like being hurt by others then what gives ME the right to do that to others right? So I stopped. But yea, it does resurface when I’m with my mom, dad n bro sometimes….coz I kno it’s safe 😉
    Will you ever bungee -jump? Nopes.. M not really adventurous or gutsy so such stuff is not my thing.
    What’s your favorite cereal? Muesli…the one with extra dry fruits..
    What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their smile and how open n genuine it is. I can spot a fake smile a mile away..
    What is your eye colour? Hazel Brown.
    Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings of course.
    Favorite smells? Warm freshly baked bread and garlic bread..with cheese!!
    Summer or winter? Winter thru n thru…I hate extreme summers, itchy skin, power cuts…not my thing.
    Computer or television? Honestly both…I’m usually on my iPad while watch I can’t quite choose.
    Do you have any special talents? Well, m great at organising and multi-taskin..not to brag but I’ve never known life without doing 2 things at a time…like when I was in college I took French class, then I did my aviation diploma and then worked for a yr which I was still studying…I can’t not do 2 things at a time..otherwise I feel like m wasting my time.
    Where were you born? In Abu Dhabi, UAE
    What are your hobbies? Reading, shopping, surfing the net
    Do you have any pets? Me personally, no. We have a Lab, Sunny who’s with our in laws. I personally wudnt have a pet myself because I don’t think I can give it the time nd attention he/she wud deserve.
    Favorite movie? Hmm…I’d hav to say Shawshank Redemption. Nothing ever compared to it After. I also love 007 movies btw…

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I have never broadcasted this, but I hav a thing for candle making and pottery..I learnt candle making but never got around to pottery..when I told some ppl in college tht I’d love to do it as a profession, I got laughed at badly which kinda shut me up for gud..but yea, it’s my dream to have this room in the Ouse to be my. Studio where I can do my candle making n pottery in peace..

    • dats nothing to laugh abt candle making .. my aunt makes candles Z .. dats serious business … tiny candles sell for 1k in shoppers stop .. and they sound more like u .. dan the HR ..

    • i know candle making too..its so therapeutic Zee..i don get the time to make them now although i always get the stuff to make them which always stays locked in my almirah.probably i will start making it with Anvika in near future..

      and u like the BOND :d Which part of his personality u like it most :D:D

      • I love candle making..I still hav the ones I made locked in my cupboard at moms place…I do Wana take it up again…maybe when m on a break sometime..

      • Wrt to Bond..I like how suave he is…n so damn alert….I used to fantasize I was an agent when I used to watch bond movies as kid…. Although I was always too plump to high jump n kick… I’d prob fall flat on my rear…

  7. Are you named after anyone?
    Nope. I was named after a river, of all things. Near Pune, of all places. 😀

    When was the last time you cried?
    Last night. I was watching American Beauty for the umpteenth time.

    Do you have kids?
    Do parents count?

    If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
    Yep. I consider me to be very friend-material.

    Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    Yes. Its part of who I am.

    Will you ever bungee -jump?
    Been there. Done that. Nearly wrenched my hip.

    What’s your favorite cereal?
    Aaah this is easy. Rice Chex.

    What’s the first thing you notice about people?
    I think I am an aura person. If I like a person’s aura, I like him/her mostly.

    What is your eye colour?
    Boring Brown.

    Scary movie or happy endings?
    I am a total happy endings girl. I even wanted to do a PhD on Mills and Boon.

    Favorite smells?
    Roses. And the smell of first rain hitting the ground. And my mother, when she hugs me.

    Summer or winter?
    Truth is, I like each and every season, but my favorite is autumn in Kolkata.

    Computer or television?

    Do you have any special talents?
    Do tarot reading and cooking count?

    Where were you born?

    What are your hobbies?
    Books, music and cooking.

    Do you have any pets?
    A pair of cockatiel birds. I also have four street dogs who do not stay inside the house, but eat with me regularly. They’re called Mandakini, Mithun Chakrabarty, Dharmendra and Jeetendra.

    Favorite movie?
    The list is truly endless.

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I am grown up. And I wanted to be free when I grew up ever since I was 3 years of age.

  8. —Are you named after anyone?
    Nopes…My dad named me. He wanted al his kids name Starting with “A” mine with double A. First Roll Number in class..VIVA etc k liye bi sabse pehle jana padta hn 😛
    When was the last time you cried
    —Today only 😀 bt its khushi k ansu… its someone special bday..and i made him happy bt missing him alot
    Do you have kids?
    —Arre shaadi toh hone do pehle 😀
    Will you ever bungee -jump?
    What’s your favorite cereal?
    –Nothing particular…bas add some sweet nd choco syrup… and i can eat anything 😀
    Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    —Not jyada… bt now a days m using it alot… specialy with my boss :devil:
    What’s the first thing you notice about people?
    — I luv cute faces… 😀 so many crushes i have… bt gud helping friendly nature wins my heart <3
    What is your eye colour?
    —Sexy Brown… pehle for me it ws nothing special wala brown…bt someone made me realize kitni khoobsurat eyes i have 🙂 :blushing:
    Scary movie or happy endings?
    —-Happy Ending for sure…
    Favorite smells?
    —- it may sound funny bt i love the fragnance of d clothes tht my aunt bought frm US….i dnt knw whts d fragnance…its perfume or wht…bt al clothes smells heavenly awesome.
    i love fresh baked cakes fragnance too ………. yum yum
    Summer or winter?
    —- Both bas i want special ppl around me hamesha 🙂 and excess of both mk me crazyyy… 😉
    Computer or television?
    Computer ..
    Do you have any special talents?
    —- Dnt knw its special or wht… bt whn m ful with emotion i cn do sketching, hindi eng mix peotry, something creative…Although its been a long tym creative wali aayushi ko chupa diya hn…bt soon i will live my dream of being creative 🙂
    Where were you born?
    What are your hobbies?
    —I just love love love listening to music…. reading romantic or motivating novel, reaading makeup related blogpost is newly added 🙂
    Do you have any pets?
    — NO, mujhe darr lagta hn… dogs se… bt sometym i wish to gt a googly woogly cute sa dog…
    Favorite movie?
    — PS I love u, OMG, Stealth and many more…..
    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    — I'm an Engineer….bt want to b a FASHION DESIGNER…. 😀 ….

  9. Are you named after anyone?
    I never asked my parents why they chose my name shweta 😯 Will ask mum tomorrow :laugh:

    When was the last time you cried?
    two days back,had a fight with hubby :fighterf: :-))

    Do you have kids?
    I have a cutey two year old son aarav

    If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
    Definitely,I would love to be a friend with person who loves to shop,cook and eat and gossip :lashes:

    Do you use sarcasm a lot?

    Will you ever bungee -jump?
    Not if my life depends on it. I am scarreddd of heights,my knees start trembling as I see downstairs from a roof

    What’s your favorite cereal?
    Muesli with fresh fruits

    What’s the first thing you notice about people?
    Their body language and comfort level

    What is your eye colour?

    Scary movie or happy endings?
    Happy endings definitely :inlove: I used to read mills and boon,harlequin till 4-5 am in morning all through my college

    Favorite smells?
    I like Musk and Jasmine fragrance the most

    Summer or winter?
    Winters! When I get to wear my coats,jackets and boots,cuddle up in my comforter and watch TV while eating peanut chikki

    Computer or television?

    Do you have any special talents?
    Love baking and I am pretty good at cake decoration

    Where were you born?

    Do you have any pets?
    Not since my pet puppy died when I was in class 8th. I cried for 3 days continuously :-(( and vowed never to keep a pet again coz I get so emotionally attached to them

    Favorite movie?
    I love almost all romantic movies. My favorites are pretty woman,jerry maguire,13 going on 30,notebook….

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I wanted to be a chef but turned out to be a dietitian cum teacher cum MBA

    • Are you named after anyone?
      My name was given by my Grandpa, he use to say that he had thought of it before i was born as i was the 1st in the 3rd generation,My nick name was finalized by my mom as she was a great fan of Neetu Singh(actress). :cute:
      When was the last time you cried
      Yesterday, before my 1st RCT session..I was very horrified seeing the tools. :pain: 😥 😥
      Do you have kids?
      Yupp! I have a 7year old son and would like to have one more kid in near future. :-))
      If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
      Yes Yes ofcourse I would have been my best friend, because I feel Iam very fun loving girl who loves to live life to the fullest.Get excited for every small thing, loves make up n shopping, Infact I have always made friends which i felt are like me 😉

      Do you use sarcasm a lot?
      Whenever need is there i use sarcasm. :sarcasm: :sarcasm:
      Will you ever bungee -jump?
      I think so :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ NO. :tremble:
      What’s your favorite cereal?
      I love Kellogs Honey Cornflakes with milk. :eat: :bowl:
      What’s the first thing you notice about people?
      The first thing I notice is the personality and the way of talking, I feel i can sense people who talk to me whether they are genuine or fake.So this helps me out. 😎 😎
      What is your eye colour?
      Brownish Black :lashes:
      Scary movie or happy endings?
      happy endings :hugleft: :hugright:
      Favorite smells?
      I love smells of roses, lavender,sandal,fresh air, pages of a new book,citrus, geelee mitti 😛
      Summer or winter?
      In summers its very humid here in Bhubaneswar :sun: , and during winters though its not very cold but i dont like any of them, I like the mid season like during the months of Sep to Nov. :cloudy: :cloudy:
      Computer or television?
      Depends.. 😐 😐 as in office iam always infront of my lappy, so at home i try not to sit with it n spend some time wth family watching good programs in TV :-))
      Do you have any special talents?
      Special Talent :-/ :-/ :-/ ?:-) :-/ :-/ Well, My family say Iam a quick learner, recently i learnt swimming . And whatelse :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :silly:
      Where were you born?
      I was born in Rourkela (Orissa) :-))
      What are your hobbies?
      My hobbies are dancing, music,cooking,shopping,eating, watching TV, etc..etc..etc :quiet:
      Do you have any pets?
      Yes, I have an aquarium and also have 4 budgies.
      Favorite movie?
      Well, List will be endless but some of them are Harry Potter series, Narnia series,DTPH,Ice age series,Shrek series, etc etc.. :-))
      What do you want to be when you grow up?
      I always wanted to become a Fashion Designer or go into modelling, During my col days i won the title of Miss Rourkela . But anyhow my parents didnt liked it much, Now i work in an University,But always keep on pinching my hubby that i dont like my work as its not my types, Finally thinking of doing a professional course in NIFT. Just hoping for the best :pray: :pray:

  10. I have a serious Genuine questn..(u might hv Mentioned plz ans again personal)
    For maintaining such a blog, u hv to b alert abt new day 2 day upcomming products..using it continusly..buying it… No matter how rich u r, How do u manage to purchase sooo many things?? 😀 U live like fantacy every gal wud die 4.. Aah. Plz repl. 🙂 🙂


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