Ghost Sweetheart Perfume Review


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Ever since my hubby hooked me up to the pleasures of wearing different perfumes I have been trying to find a lovely floral perfume which is long lasting. I have perfumes from the big brands but what I needed was a floral perfume and not strong which is just the thing for office. I was at boots tired and exhausted from trying literally every floral perfume in my price range, when the SA showed me this one. GHOST SWEETHEART. I have never heard about this but I decided to pick this up in the first try.

Ghost sweet heart perfume reviews+Ghost sweet heart perfume

 Ghost Sweetheart is launched by the UK Company Ghost in 2008. Ghost Sweetheart is soft and fresh, feminine and sensual. It is such a delight for floral perfume lovers like me.

 Ghost sweet heart perfume +sweetheart perfume ghost

Top Notes; Sweet Lemon, Spearmint, Pineapple, Green Foliage Accord

Middle Notes; Rose, Muguet, Jasmine, Helitrope

Base Notes; Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Amber Notes, Vanilla.


Ghost sweet +Perfume reviews+perfume+ghost sweetheart perfume

Pros:Ghost Sweetheart Perfume:-


  • Slim bottle which is easy to carry along for travel
  • A lovely day time perfume and long lasting

Cons:Ghost Sweetheart Perfume:-


  • Not available inIndia. πŸ™

If I could get my hands on these I would definitely buy it again. Now that half of my bottle is over am using it sparingly now.

Verdict: 5/5

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    • Yeah love perfumes :inlove: Never step out without it . . . Still I keep adding to my wish list. . . Not only me my hubby too . . .

  1. There are so many floral lovers here . . . If Anamika is ok with it I can do one or two more floral perfume reviews. All I own are floral perfumes except one which is musk.

  2. Love to be your perfume transporter if I go abroad :D. Wait until you smell Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy. . . You’d die and go to heaven. :inlove:


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