Gia Bath & Body Works Angel Facial Cleanser


Gia Bath & Body Works Angel Facial Cleanser

Hello Girls,

So today I am here with a fabulous facial cleanse which is made of natural ingredients and is handmade.

You must have understood how much has this cleanser impressed me, but knowing this is just not enough, you got to know every bit of this cleanser which makes it a fabulous pick.

Dig in to know more details:

About Gia Bath & Body Works Angel Facial Cleanser:

Angel- Facial Cleanser- For Dry to Combination Skin types. Made with Almond Powder, Moroccan Clay, Rose petal powder, Kaolin Clay, Veg. Glycerin, Colloidal Oatmeal, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil Blend with Rose Absolut.

Ingredients: We use virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, castor bean oil, and pure tussah silk in our regular line of soaps. The soaps may also contain rice bran oil, Sesame oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter. All soaps contain sodium hydroxide (lye). However, the sodium hydroxide is neutralized in the saponification process. Soap cannot be made without sodium hydroxide. Most of our soaps contain decadent fresh cream but may also be made with coconut milk, goat milk, buttermilk, tea, coffee, aloe vera, or fruit pulp. We scent our soaps with fragrance oils or essential oils. Please use caution whenever using a body product containing essential oils. Be informed and know what essential oils may affect your body and medical issues. We use essential oils for scent only. We use the standard amount of fragrance and essential oils in our recipes. Strength of scent after cure will vary so some soaps will have a lighter or stronger scent than others. We color our soaps using micas, oxides, pigments, natural herbal colorants, and titanium dioxide which is a naturally occurring whitening agent. Some colorants will ‘bleed’ some of their color. This is normal. Most likely our soaps will be topped with cosmetic glitter. We also top our soap with natural ingredients on occasion. All toppings typically wash off with the first use.

Directions For Use: Scoop one tablespoon of the cleanser and mix with water to make a paste. Apply in circular motions. Leave to dry, rinse with water.

Price: INR 590

Net Wt: 200 gm

Packaging: It comes in a round white colored plastic tub. All the necessary details are mentioned on the container. The packaging is decent, just like how such a product needs to have. The packaging is quite sturdy, but one needs to have a spatula to take out the product.

Texture: It has crumbly, drier, powdery texture.

My Experience:  As many of you must know, how huge a fan of lush was I. Lush angels on bare skin was my favorite cleanser by them and was a boon for my super sensitive skin. It was my go to cleanser and then one day lush decided to close all it stores in India, which left me really worried about how will I manage to get a cleanser equally good to the lush bare on skin angels.

And there came to my rescue, Gia Bath & Body Works Angel Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is specifically meant for dry to combination skins and without this I can’t think of my skin’s survival during winters.

I use it in my own way & do not follow the given instructions. What I do is take some of this cleansing powder and make a paste of it with water, massage it onto face in exfoliating circular motions and rinse off. This whole process ends within a minute. If just 1 minute of this can make me an addict, then you can very well get an idea how god will it work if followed as per instructions.

The cleanser not only takes care of my dry & very sensitive skin well but also worked tremendously well in treating rashes & acne which I got with the use of some other cleanser.

The cleanser is free from harsh chemicals, which gives me another reason to love this cleanser.

The availability is an issue for those who are not much into online shopping. The Gia bath & body works products are all homemade by Gayatri (Owner of the brand) and you need to contact her through her Facebook page to get the products.

I am totally addicted to this cleanser and love it thoroughly.


What I Like About Gia Bath & Body Works Angel Facial Cleanser:

  • Free from harsh chemicals.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Does not break me out.
  • Takes care of my dry- sensitive skin.
  • Good for winters.
  • Best for Dry to combination skins.
  • Treats & prevents acnes and rashes.

What I Don’t Like About Gia Bath & Body Works Angel Facial Cleanser:

  • None

Rating: 5/5

Will I Recommend:  The rating says it all. You should definitely get hold of this cleanser if you have dry- combination skin.

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