Gillette Venus Event Details & Pictures


Gillette Venus Event Details & Pictures

Hello Everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram, you must be aware that recently I attended the Gillette Venus Event. And I got to know about the exciting #Subscribetosmooth challenge.

Bloggers from the beauty world were invited to attend the Gillette Venus Event. It was to know extensively about the correct ways 0f shaving. And how it is so easy in getting the perfect hair-less body without any pain!

anamika wiseshe blogger event public speaker

The blogger event was Sailor themed and the entire setup was made up according to the same! The moment I entered there, I felt like I am attending some party on a cruise! :-p

Gillete razor women hair removal

Gillette Venus Event

Well, talking about the #subscribetosmooth challenge, it is basically an event which focuses shaving as the best , quick and painless way to remove unwanted body hair. As it is a cause of nuisance in the beauty of a women. Because they have to repeat the process of visiting the salon every once in a while to get these hair removed. Some prefer waxing, some epilating or shaving!

gillette women products smooth underarms

Every method has it own pro! Shaving is painless and can be done anywhere without much thoughts. If you are travelling suddenly and you have noticed the hair growth on your hands & legs, there is no way you will be able to visit a salon and get them waxed! Then shaving comes to your rescue!

Imagine getting stuck in office and suddenly you get a call from your fiance that he is coming to see you after office to take you to dinner. More than anything you start worrying about the hair growth on your legs.  As you surely want to dress in an attractive knee length dress. With Gillete Venus razor by your side, things seem to be pretty easy as you don’t have to go anywhere. You can quickly remove the unwanted hair and get the smooth legs as ever in a matter of few minutes.

Gillete hair removal cream


Shaving when done is a proper way has numerous benefits contrary to the myths that prevail about shaving and its side effects.

Well, I have taken the #subscribetosmooth challenge by Gillette Venus and will be looking forward to shaving as an effortless way to remove body hair in a pain free way! I will be sharing my one month experience on my youtube channel as well so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here

I will be sharing all the myths and my experience and all the questions which comes in every bodys mind.

anamika wiseshe with namrita soni

For those who have doubts about shaving can easily put up their questions regarding the existing myths about shaving and get a clear head response about shaving. You can ask anything about it in the comments section!

Event Details & Pictures

Gillette Venus Event attended by bloggers and journalist from Delhi had an expert panel where the Physician Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Celebrity Makeup artist Namrata Soni and stunning face of the tinsel town Kriti Sanon were there to support and promote the goodness of shaving!

After the panel discussion, there was a Q&A session of where bloggers went on to clear their doubts and asked about the most common myths and also became aware of the effective ways of using a razor to remove hair and get baby soft hair-less skin!

The Gillette Venus shaving kit is something I am looking forward to the next 30-days and will personally share my opinion about how convenient it is to use razor for frequent hair removal! Any shaving side effects or painful experiences, if any, will be shared in detail! 🙂

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