Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review


Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review – I am always dreaded to wax. Also I cannot wait for the hair to grow to “considerable” level and then wax. I am usually caught in some emergency to attend parties and then razor is something which comes to my rescue. I have been using the disposable razor – satin for a while. But with the recent launch and heavy advertising of the Gillette Venus razor I thought of trying my hand at it.


Gillette Venus Razor for Women


  • Price: INR 199 for 1 piece.You can buy online.
  • Shelf Life: variable on usage

About Gillette Venus Razor for Women:

The first 3 bladed razor designed for Women.  The Venus Original razor features protective cushions surrounding 3 blades for a smooth, close shave in just one stroke.  3-blade cartridge gives an ultra close shave. Protective cushions for a nick-free shave. Interchangeable Razor Blade. Refill Cartridges. Shaving Compact for in-shower refill storage. Soft grip handle for no-slip control.


Gillette Razor Details

Gillette venus razor desc


My experience with Gillette Venus Razor for Women:

I am a regular razor user. I got this one but was a bit skeptical as the normal ones were priced at somewhere close to 50 bucks. I thought what is so special in this one for the price. But believe me this product has become my favorite product as far as the hair removal goes. Yes! It’s that good. It also launched the blades refill pack so you don’t have to spend 200 each time.


Gillette Venus Razor


This razor comes in a blue white packaging. The design is very good. The grip is firm and it won’t slip out of your hands and cut you even if you are using it in the shower. The blades are quiet closely placed and I experienced the close shave. I usually prefer waxing my leg, but I tried using this razor on the legs as well. I thought I might have to suffer ingrowth or cuts. But nothing of it happened. My legs were as smooth as waxing would have done and that too in 10 minutes. I could feel no ingrowth or itching or cuts of any sort. It was a cake walk


Gillette Women Razor Blades


The pivot on the top of the razor helps in getting it in difficult areas. You can easily shave underarms etc using this. Now I don’t have to wait for the hair to grow and then go to the parlor. I can wear dresses whenever I want to and everything is so pain free and quick. I really love this product. My hands and legs remain totally hair free for 4 days at least after which there is minute hair growth. If you want to remove that as well it will take just 10 minutes. I have used this razor wet as well as dry and it works best both ways.


Gillette Women Razor


So all those who dread waxing and who don’t have time for it keep this razor atleast for emergencies.

What I like about Gillette Venus Razor for Women:

  • Affordable
  • Has a pivot head which gives access for difficult areas
  • Does not cut
  • No ingrowth
  • Has a aloe vera strip
  • Really close shave
  • painless

What I don’t like about Gillette Venus Razor for Women:

  • None!

Availability: Easy

Rating: 5/5. Have you tried Gillette Venus Razor for Women?



  1. I was about to submit the review of this today only :-).
    Me too have a pleasent experience with this razor.
    Give it a shot Ana di-you’ll luv it.

  2. I have never used razors..i prefer waxing more as of now….but for emergencies I think I’ll try dis for sure…!

    nice review Avanti 🙂

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    So I bought it.


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