Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth 30 Day Shaving Challenge : #Day 30


Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth 30 Day Shaving Challenge : #Day 30

Hello WiseShe Beauties, Today I am here to share my extensive thoughts on the Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth 30 Day Shaving Challenge. I took it up when I attended the Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Event in August. Now its already around 30days, so I am here to share my Gillette Venus 30 Day Shaving Challenge with all of you. I will also acquaint most of you with how great method of hair removal this has been keeping in mind the busy schedule!

gillette women products smooth underarms

Gillette Venus has been a pioneer name in introducing a wide range of products meant for shaving for women. It also promises to give an effortless smooth shaving experience to make it a complete fuss free method of hair removal in women. The range of products includes shaving appliance like razors, cartridges, shaving foam and many such products which altogether lead to give a smooth and hair free skin at your own convenience!

Well, after this period of 30days I am completely a fan of shaving for hair removal and have given up on all the other options as I find this the easiest and fuss free way to remove those unwanted body hair!

gillette venus shaving kit 7thday experience

Gillette Venus 30 Day Shaving Challenge

The Gillette Venus shaving kit is probably on of the most economical hair removal kits available in stores and I think I am going to recommend it to everyone for its ease in usage, hair free smooth skin and no wastage of time waiting in the salon! The shaving experience is made easier because of the easy to use razor and cartridges which come along in the complete shaving kit! Even a novice can do it easily without any skin damage and it leads to baby soft and hair free skin since the first usage itself!

gillette venus quick shaving experience

Well, talking about myself, shaving has surely become my most preferred method of hair removal not to mention how it saves me during time of emergency! Just a 15 min session with the Gillette Venus shaving kit and I am free from unwanted hair on my hands and legs!

Gillete razor women hair removal

The best part about shaving has been that there are no side effects which we get to hear so often! It turns out that after personally using the shaving kit I can conclude that the side effects one refers to for shaving are those who do not use the right products and then blame this hair removal method to be faulty!

Gillette Venus Shaving Challenge

If you use the right products, I am sure shaving doesn’t leaves any instances of ingrown hair, hard regrowth, dry skin or anything like that! Use the right products and you can see the difference clearly!

Gillete hair removal cream

So far, shaving has only done good for my skin and made it hair free whenever I opted for it! And I didn’t have any painful experience with shaving so girls, I would say go for it and ditch those inhibitions which has compelled you to stay away from this fast and easy hair removal method which results in baby soft and hair free skin as per your wish!

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