Saturday Favourite


Hi Everyone!

How is the Saturday coming up ? It’s really cold today and when I saw some sun shine, I wore few of my favorite things which I have recently collected. When K saw me wearing this he asked me to blog it out and I was surprised  thankful to him for giving me the idea :D.

Lately I see every one wearing a wrist full of arm candies. They are rocking several bracelets, watches etc and the way they accessorize, it reveals a lot about their personality.This has become quite a trend and is definitely something which one needs to follow.


Giordana watch and german silver cuff


I picked up all the things from various shops online and wore it to add some fun with all the black and grey which I am wearing in this freezing winter.


`giordana watch and silver cuff



  • Watch – Giordano
  • German Silver Cuff – Deepika Design
  • Black Bangle – 99 labels


Do you like the current trend ?


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  1. Gorgeous cuff Ana! the weather here is ranging between -1 to 6 C. and last night there were thunderstorms.. loved them totally! The morning today is sooooo very beautiful with an early morning, breezy feel (even now when it is 1pm).


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