Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Shampoo Review+SLS & Parabens Free


Giovanni Root 66 MAX Volume Shampoo

Wohoo! It excites me to review a shampoo which do not contain following dreadful  ingredients :-

  • No uncertified organic ingredients
  • NO SLS!
  • No Parabens!
  • No Mineral Oil!
  • No Artificial Colours!
  • No Phthlates !
  • No Famaldehyde!
  • No Propylene Glycol!
  • No Triethanolamine!
With this it claims to be America’s No 1 brand in organic hair care. :dazed: .I hope you are doing well after reading so many good things about this product 😀
I spotted  this shampoo while strolling  aimlessly  in Health and Glow store and when I went through its ingredients I had to buy it! Being a hair care products junkie I didn’t even know its price and bought it immediately.
  • Price – INR495 for 250ml

ROOT 66 MAX VOLUME SHAMPOO REVIEWS+NYX root 66 max volume shampoo


Product Claims:-

Root 66 Maxiumum Volume Shampoo Benefits:

  • Enriched with 100% Organic Botanicals
  • Protects fine hair from damage while building body of the hair
  • Increases volume in limp, lifeless hair!
  • Cleans and adds weightless bounce.
  • Strengthens thin and fragile hair.
  • Zero Sulfates

Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Shampoo Ingredients :-


Giovanni ECO Chic hair care shampoo reviews+SLS free shampoo


My experience :-

I expected it to be a shampoo which will not lather well  but it lathers better than many other shampoos around and I suffered minimal hair fall while using it.It has a yummy fragrance which is not long staying and I enjoy it till the time I completely wash it out. It gives a bit of volume without leaving any thin layer behind, making my hair feeling super clean.

It comes in a flip top transparent bottle with all the ingredients clearly stated on it.I have dry and coloured hair and it completely suits them and makes  them feel soft. I wish I would have bought the conditioner along with it too :duh”

Shampoo showed it performance from the very first day which generally is not the case with most shampoos and they need 2-3 trial atleast.Consistency of the shampoo is runny and it will  last maximum for a month if you  have long hair.


Giovani shampoo sls free shampoo+no triethanolamine shampoo+No sls free shampoo


What I liked about Giovanni Root 66 MAX Volume Shampoo

  • SLS free, Parabens free , Mineral oil free and still lathers well
  • Add bit of shine and volume to hair
  • Suits damage and dry hair
  • Minimum hair fall while using it albeit I am not suffering from any kind of hair fall right now.
  • I didn’t experience any dandruff
  • Yummy fruity fragrance


What I did not like about Giovanni Root 66 MAX Volume Shampoo 


  • I wish it could be thick in consistency.
  • A bit expensive
  • I wish it could be available in sachet so that one can give it a try before buying the whole bottle.


Will I recommend it to others  – Definitely! If you are looking for SLS free, Parabens free , sulphate free product which lathers well then I will definitely recommend it,  especially if you have dry and damaged hair.

Wise She Rating:- 4.5/5


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  1. But it does have sodium benzoate which I have read is a substitute to parabens and in combination with ascorbic acid (vitamin C, E300), sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate form benzene, a known carcinogen
    Anyways I guess, we can’t escape chemicals… otherwise from whatever u describe, the shampoo seems good

  2. Like Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate is a preservative killing bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. It works well in acidic mixtures and when combinaed with VITAMIN C, E300 AND POTASSIUM BENZOATE which are not mention here in the ingredient list then only it has been proved to be carcinogen.

  3. great!!! ‘ll try this after i get my hands on l’occitane first. 😛 Why can’t my shampoos vanish yaar. Its winter already. Guess i’ll hv to wait till march now. 😥

  4. whoa! Ana..i passed this on the aisle and i dint pick it up!!! :duh:
    but i did buy the Kerastase shampoo & hair mask…!!! :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:


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