Girl’s Party Makeup Ideas & Suggestions


Girl’s Party Makeup Ideas & Suggestions

I like to party and every girl does. So who is ready for a fun girl’s night out? No one can make you laugh like a girl friend can. They bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in them. So take tonight to live, to laugh, and to remember all that a girlfriend means to you. We love all girls outings and we love to look good. So perfect makeup is very much needed to match the whole look.

So here are some ideas and suggestions on makeup that you can try on your next girl’s night out. So let us get the weekend going girls!

Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips

smoky eyes nude lips fotd

This look can never go wrong. Be it kohl smudged eyes or black eyeshadow blended with a brown on the crease, the look is absolute killer. The best combination with smoky eyes is a subtle nude pink or peach shade with a glossy finish to make the lips appear fuller and natural so that your eyes attract the attention and the overall makeup looks almost close to natural.

Colored winged eyeliner

nyx blue cat eyeliner look

No matter how much you try, you can’t ignore blue liners. Almost every woman in the world has a blue liner in her kitty. This is a kind of attention edgy and attractive eye look which never fails to grab attention. This look is perfect to try when you are fun filled and wish to add some spunk. Trust me on this, when you carry this look on, you will garner oodles of praises, of course the charm of cobalt blue is undeniable.

For this look Anamika have used two eye liners, NYX Gel Eye Liner Dark Brown and NYX Gel Eyeliner Cobalt Blue, apart from the regular base makeup.

Classic combination of winged liner and red lips

A pair of neatly and beautifully lined eyes beautifully paired with red stained lips. A perfect and classy combination to up your beauty game. Your eyes will look a little bigger and a lot more beautiful when you will adopt the cat-look. Complementing red lips will make you look even more glamorous. . In the picture I have opted for a double wing look with red stained lips.

A touch of sparkle

party makeup look for eyes

Shimmers all the way. Yes dears, dab of glitters and shimmery eye shadows on the right areas, can actually accentuate your entire look to a different level altogether. You can apply a swipe of shimmery beige or silver eye shadows on eyes when you don’t want a very dramatic look yet want to get spotted. Taylor Swift really loves cats and anything related to them. That’s why it is hard to spot Taylor without cat-lined eyes. She loves both simple and sparkly dramatic ones which looks so gorgeous against her blue eyes.

A simple No-makeup look

party club makeup+fotd

Keep your look simple during this season. Go for a makeup wala no makeup look. If you don’t have some major flaws on your face, just apply BB/CC cream and blend in well. No need of concealing if you don’t have really heavy dark circles or marks. Apply a swipe of a beige eye shadow blended with a neutral brown or taupe eye shadow on the crease area. Apply a light swirl of natural looking blush and a swipe of natural colored lipstick. With this look you can play and experiment with dresses.


Primer– Using a makeup primer is the best way to make your makeup stay put on for longer. Clean, tone and moisturize your face and apply primer all over, don’t forget your neck.

Pick your eyes or lips- Decide whether you want to focus on your eyes or on your lips, and what colors to choose. Focus on lips or eyes. Don’t go overboard by doing both eyes and lips.

Keep it Simple, yet stunning– Just because it is prom doesn’t mean you need to go wild with hair and makeup if you don’t want to. So if you don’t want to experiment, keep it simple. Nothing can beat the comfort factor.

Pay attention to products in your handbag– Keep a few things handy. A comb, a gloss/balm, tissues/bloating paper and chewing gums.

So which look are you choosing on your next girl’s night out?

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