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Hey Everyone!

Just a little update about the Mega NYX  giveaway.I know there is lot of curiosity about the points and who is leading and more of all who is going to win it.This month has been quite a hectic month with so many post flocking up.I also got an opportunity to get in touch with new writers and readers of Wise She who were not much into the comment section.


Giveaway posts

Coming to the giveaway .

Looking at the phenomenal response there are few more thing which we have decided which goes like this.:-

1.There was a special prize for an entry which receive the maximum face book likes which I think was not promoted well and got lost during the giveaway.We will now instead treat as third prize which will be chosen from random org only.

2.As I said while starting the giveaway that we may also  include a fourth  prize depending upon the  response, and it surely is on the cards now.Fourth prize will be a surprise for you 🙂

So now there are five prizes to be won on the giveaway:) .If you have any question then do let me know:)

Have a nice Sunday !!!


  1. yaayyyyyyyyyy :clap-n-jump: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :clap-n-jump: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :clap-n-jump: :rotfl: seriously with this giveaway 5 gals will feel like princess :lipstick: :king:

  2. Thats a great news!!!
    Giveaway is great!! I’m just so happy to be a part of this community!
    Learning, sharing, commenting and smiling 🙂
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. woooo……….. :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: 5 lucky gals……………………… :dance: :dance: :dance: wonder who they might be?may be the best.

  4. thankoooo so much girls……this blog seems to be the most happening place when it comes to makeup talks and reviews… toh just readind on and on….. :clap-n-jump:

  5. girls i read there is this huge nyx giveaway!!!! wow!!!! will someone please temme that do the number of reviews matter more or one good review may also win……cos am a huge cosmetic junkie and i have so many things on the self that i can review 🙂

    • kanika write now eveyr entry gets 10 points each and as far as good review is concerned every body on wise she tried to do it swati, ups or pradna or any one else:) this is more or less expected only na 🙂

    • here the list goes:-
      god father part 1 and 2
      ajay devgan singham and
      kungfu panda 1
      and one more which was coming on TV..i don remember the name ..


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