Glamorous Pink And Citrico Orange Nail Art


Hiya girls,

Were you ever frustrated and ended up with a ‘wow’ moment ? It happens to me most of the times. I sit with an agenda to do a nail art but it never turns out right. Never ever :-/ . Many of the  nail art posts I did were ‘just-then’ efforts. Same happened today.

Result – I call it Pink Fire Nail Art

You need a pink and an orange. I used Colorama Glamorous pink and Citrico Orange.

Orange and pink nail art

Remember a backbone point-be generous with the paint. We need blobs and not coats here.

Paint the crown of your nail in pink.Keep patting with the brush.Take orange and paint the remaining half nail .Start the orange right where the pink ends and not below where pink ends.


Simple nail art design red and orange

Take a toothpick or an orange stick or a dotting tool and drag the pink color into the orange at intervals. This would give a beautiful pattern . If you want the  colors to  mix into a pinky fiery orange its important to paint the orange right where pink ends.


nail art Colorama Glamorous pink and Citrico Orange.


Well! I loved these colors. You can pick any.Like white and black or perhaps orange and black.

nail art (2) dotting tool and drag the pink with nail art

Ciao girls.

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  1. yaa but i wish they could be longer REDDY..this nail art would have looked amazingly good on long nails..i have been noticing my nails growing up fast as i rinse lemon juice one them every day;;..u should try that :-))

  2. yes it will remove the yellow stains as well Krupa..what i do is save one lemon and apply it on my nails and keep it back in the fridge and use it again the next day and throw it off.

  3. Interesting and unique one Reddy…i might try doing a black and orange one for this…mmm..willl try…

    And that orange is also coloroma?


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