A Glass Of Beetroot Juice For Beauty And Health

A daily glass of beetroot juice can do wonders to your health and skin. Beetroot has revealed many amazing findings and has many healing properties too.
1 .If you have beetroot juice every day then it increases your stamina and allow you to exercise for longer tome before you get tired.
2 .Lowers blood pressure and boost heart health too.
3. Beetroot is a cleansing agent and detoxifies organs such as kidney, gall bladder and liver in the body.
4. Beetroot is a miracle reedy for anemic people as it increases blood cell count.
5 .Beet root juice is low in calories and best way is to drink it in juice form.
It is high on fiber therefore provides relief from constipation.
6. Drinking beet root juice prevents from Alzheimer’s and Cancer.
7. Apply beetroot pulp on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes. It gives you a glowing skin.
8. Along with treating skin problems, the juice is effective in dealing with weight loss problems.
Recipe of beet root juice
It is very easy to make the beetroot juice. Just peel of the beet root skin if they are hard and add or 2 carrots in it. Dice both the vegetables and put it in the mixer. Blend it and filter it with a sieve. Voilà!!! Your beet root juice is ready to drink.
P.S :You can make the juice without carrot as well.



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