Glitter Nail Art Design For Beginners


I did this simple glitter nail art with a  nail art tools and it  hardly took me ten minutes.Used some glitter for a change and while uploading the pics I found how horrible my cuticles looks.This is because I have lost my cuticle scissor so got to search it badly today  before you guys stop checking out my nail art tutorials 😀

Glitter nail art design

To start with it , apply a transparent colour nail paint to protect the nails  from getting stained or turning yellow.Then apply any grey colour nail paint.

Nail Art in glitter

Make two flowers on each nail and with the help of a needle stretch the flower .This gives a petal look.

flower nail art design

Now I thought of using a white sparkling glitter at the tip.I took  it out on a paper and with the help of transparent nail polish paint brush pick up the glitter and apply it on the tip.Glitter gets stuck easily and I don experience much fall too.

nail art gliiter cheap

Now apply it on the tip of the nails and seal the nail art with a transparent coat again.

Nail Art in glitter

I am done 🙂


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  1. Cute nail art, Happy Friday to u too! & Congrats notable newbie ji,waise u are not newbie but you deserve the applause! :clap:
    Also that small video thingy( I donno what to say), whatever it is called is looking nice which the slide show of the products :yes:

  2. I will certainly follow you, wherever u are will hunt u down lol :rotfl:
    Accha hai na when you have a BF or husband who is technically savvy, it helps a lot! 😎

  3. Cute nail art Anamika 🙂 I’m going to try it with the colors available with me now. Btw which brand is this white nail polish? I was at H&G the other day and they didnt have white in any of the brands available there 🙁

  4. yaa one can try it with any an white too looks fab. .white nail polish comes in french manicure sets ..u can find them in maybelline, revlon , chembor and bourjois too.

    not sure about lakme though.

  5. Even better when you are a tech savvy yourself!! 😛 It’s easier to solve problems without anyone’s help! Anyway, awesome tutorial! 😀


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