Glitter Nail In Silver And Blue (Nail Art Tutorial)


By Prerana Sharma,                          Nail Art In Blue
Today I was getting really bored 🙁 . And spending time in doing nail art is my best leisure time activity, :dance: since I was traveling, I didn’t pampered my hands properly for last 3days. So today I thought of pampering them. After bath, I just grabbed few nail colors and went out in the garden as it t feels so cold indoors :-p

Actually blue is moi favorite color and I always experiment which color will go well with blue? Similarly with this blue shade I tried  drawing a  flowers in yellow, red, white nail color but I liked maroon color most on blue base..

Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1. To start with, clean your nails properly with remover as usual. Apply a transparent base coat which will hold other colors properly. Then apply the dark blue color. Let it dry and re-apply a second coat.

Simple Nail Art Design

Step 2. Take silver nail color. Take out very little silver color on your nail paint brush, apply this on your nails in such a way that the glitters spread on your nail sparingly.

Just put a wash of silver glitters.

simple grey nail art tutorial

Step 3. Take a bindi brush and dip it in maroon nail color. Put small dots on the nails diagonally. The middle two dots should come exact in the center of your nail..

Nail Art Pictures

Step 4. Now make a “S” (upside down)  by joining 1st two dots from top.


Nail Art Pictures in blue and grey

Step 5. Now join the two dots at the tip of your nail making a “S”. Curve both the ends of all the “S” so that the S looks like a flower.

Ta da…. ready!

nail art designs

I felt sooo nice after this experimenting session, how was it? ?:-)


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  1. Maha u r asking so much about the hair tutorial now u got to show how it turned out in your hair..i know u got silky long hair …

    • Long and silky? That photo might give you that illusion. But seriously I have only shoulder length hair that too in graduation layers. So you can very well imagine how tough it is to even tie it into a ponytail 😛

        • Why do you need that? You look so pretty in all the photographs and so innocent (I know its faked innocence :P). Btw its just an ordinary iball webcam 😛
          And yeah since it is a very small pic and my frizziness has been tamed a lot with the fab india conditioner it looks like that.

  2. Thankies rash.. 😛 i mean Rash..mi 🙂
    by the way which colors did u picked up?? today i’m too gona buy maybelline coloroma ka ‘coral’ and lotus ka prunel..i don’t have these two colors na.. 😛

  3. Good one Prerna……I am very bad at nail arts…i gave it a try few times and didn’t turned out well so didn’t send them to Anu :-(( .

  4. Thats so nice of you yaar……I am trying till date.. :reallypissed: hope to get it right one fine day :waiting:

  5. Nice nail art..
    but first tell me how u get such beautiful nails..
    mine are all broken and yukk..
    m gonna cut them today! 🙁 🙁

  6. Prerna, this looks pretty, but I like the other nail art you did, I think your first nail art with black & maroon color. :yes:

  7. Mine dont really break, but i get this strange urge to clip them off :pissedoff: :shout: cant figure out why..i definitely dont bite my nails…


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