Glo Minerals Fan Brush Review


Glo Minerals Fan Brush

Hello pretty ladies!

I have recently been kind of obsessed with fan brushes! And going in flow with my obsession, I purchased the Glo Minerals Fan brush! And here I am to share my experiences and reviews of the same!

Glo Mineral Fan Brush

Makeup is an art, and you are the artist and to perfect your art, you need the right tools; namely your makeup brushes! I have tried applying my makeup using both my brushes, makeup wedges, sponges as well as my very own (clean) fingers but the flawlessness that makeup brushes can give is especially desirable! Plus, a good fan brush does help you to get rid of any excess makeup and even it out beautifully let’s see whether the GloMinerals fan brush does the required task?

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About Glo Minerals Fan Brush

Glo Minerlas describes its fan brush as A fine brush designed for delicate blush, bronze and shimmer application.

Glo Mineral Fan Brush review

Nothing too fancy for a description, which is actually nice and pretty reliable!


  • Amazingly soft brush
  • For powder application
  • An amazing highlighter brush
  • Sweeps on even the most pigmented blush and bronzers as very sheer

Price- $17 approximately.

The brush is available at a lot cheaper price out in the US. Though i got it off the sale and it was available at a 10% discount! But it is originally priced at some 1200 bucks.

Glo Mineral Fan Brush length

Packaging– The brush has a long handle which enables easy and effortless handling. The soft bristles are made of quality hair and are smooth. The brush bears the name of the brand over the long handle.

The shape of the fan brush is like any other conventional fan brush and it does it job pretty efficiently! It picks up almost the perfect amount of product and distributes it very evenly!

Bristles– The bristles are as smooth as they could get and it actually feels like the hair of a soft cuddly baby bunny! The shape and length of the bristles is quite even no unruly hair passing here and there! Basically, the brushes are soft, very even and are perfect for a sheer flush of color on your facial makeup!

Glo Mineral Fan Brush bristles

My experience with Glo Minerals Fan Brush

Glo minerals is a popular brand known for its high quality makeup and makeup tools. Although these days fan brushes are not of much use during makeup but it certainly is a must have brush.

Fan brush tends to takes control over the minute fall outs that are left behind the process of applying makeup and it certainly is capable of ruining your makeup. I was thinking about a similar fan brush and just then when I came across this brand and then and there I decide to get it.

This brush not only is meant for sweeping away any excess product or any fall outs, the company says that this fine brush is designed for delicate blush, bronze and shimmer application. The brand says the brush can be easily used for precised highlighting and shading!

Glo Mineral Fan Brush packging

So, you can easily try this fan brush for the most flawless look for any special occasion or event. 🙂

What I like about Glo Minerals Fan Brush?

  • Amazingly soft bristles
  • Sweeps on just enough product
  • Good for layering of product
  • Great for dusting off any excess makeup off your face
  • A great highlighting brush
  • The long handle provides ample control

What I do not like about Glo Minerals Fan Brush?

  • The brush may seem to be a bit expensive to some! Except for the cost, i do not find any con.

Final Verdict– Its a great brush for this price if you compare it with any other brush. It  might be that other brands brushes might be better but till the time i don get my hand on those this is going to be favorite fan brush 🙂

Rating– 4.5/5

Will I recommend– Definitely yes! If you are ready to shell out some cash for a good quality fan brush, the Gio minerals Fan brush is definitely up for grabs!

Have you tried Glo Minerals Fan Brush?

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