Get Glowing Skin Like Priyanka Chopra


Get Glowing Skin Like Priyanka Chopra

Hello, beauties! Priyanka Chopra is on cloud 9 now on the professional front. She is slaying every look of hers all thanks to her stylist and fashion designers. But one thing that is constant from her Miss World pageant days is her flawless and beautiful skin. She always adopts homemade remedies for her skin and look how she glows <3

Get Glowing Skin Like Priyanka Chopra

She has time and again emphasised on this homemade rice flour exfoliating mask that has helped her skin to glow. Here’s how you can glow like her too!

riceflour & green tea for skin

Rice flour is a natural sun protector and helps to protect the skin from the damage of the sun. It exfoliates the skin and also absorbs extra oil from the skin which in turn prevents acne and pimples on the teenage skin.

It can be used in a variety of ways 🙂

glowing skin tips

If you mix Egg White to Rice Flour then it will act as a skin tightening cream which will firm the skin reduce fine lines and help to get rid of dark circles.

Priyanka also shares one of her very favourite recipes that she uses as her face mask. She mixes Rice Flour with Yoghurt and adds a bit of turmeric to it. After blending well in a mixer, she adds some Aloe Vera gel and honey to it. Applying this face mask thrice a week before bedtime helps to soothe the skin and make skin smooth and beautiful. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with water.

Glow like Priyanka 🙂



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