Glyaha lotion India/Glyaha lotion Is For What ?


Pushpa Asks,

Have any of you heard about Glyaha Lotioin. For which purpose it is use? I m using it from one week and did not see any glow till now 😐 how long it will take to work ? Pls do reply

Glyaha Lotion India

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  1. Hi Pushpa…Glyaha lotion is supposed to help remove any discoloration n ur skin and has lightening properties too. it is also claimed to help with acne and oily skin due to its AHA properties..

      • Checked n replied πŸ™‚

        This costs 280bucks…i had used this on my arms..remember i had told u bout the discoloration caused by sunburn6-7 yrs earlier? i tried this for the same but honestly it dint work for me..

        i dont kno whether it works for acne-prone ppl since ive never really suffered from it..perhaps some1 cud shed some light on that area..

    • U can use dis lotion with combination of regamin tablets which is antioxidant n multivitamin with another cream called clear n clear NY hegde pharma .dis lotion best works on facial skin

  2. is it glyaha hq, glyaha koj or just glyaha and as zara sed its a tretment for acne..its not supposed to give u glow ,ana its around 180 INR AND 80 INR..
    it just is a chemical peel as it has glycolic acid

  3. its just a peel which will kinda get rid of a layer of skin like retinoic acid//fades awar acne scars wen used consistently
    ctually removes a very thin layer of the outer skin and helps to get rid of dead and damaged skin cells. This is the reason why the skin looks smoother and more radiant

  4. also there were recent researches by american ass of derm that it can cause permanent brown pigmentation like chloasma

  5. Glyaha HQ was once recommended by my dermat..its not for glow..n as sd above its glycolic acid n peels off the not use it without presciption…

  6. Im using this glyaha lotion along with a gel as suggested by my dermatologist… it takes some time to work… i apply it while going to sleep (not recommended while your skin will be exposed to sunlight)…by the way it does remove the acne scars …

  7. Hi,

    I am using Glyaha with moistureriser cream from last 2 weeks as per suggested by my Dr. and seen some good results. but Dr. said it takes long time I have to wait for 1 -2 months

  8. before you use it on your face, a 2 day test dose is compulsory cause of its components. if u don’t witness any irregularities use it on your face. it works, but you should be patient. it might take a months time

  9. derma doc recommended Glyaha i used it today and i have got redness on my skin .. like sun burn kind of .within how many days will the redness go ? i will stop using it for a week .. will that help in reducing redness

  10. hey i was using this cream in derma recommendation,its really work,yup it is true,it will produce a glow on skin....,bt don't use without recommendation of derma

    hey i was using this cream in derma recommendation,its really work,yup it is true,it will produce a glow on skin n fairness too….,bt don’t use without recommendation of derma

  11. Yes, div is right in the first place, it does no harm to skin,my laser doc. recommended me and i have been using it for it for 5 yrs bt in gaps as i avoid using it when i feel sweaty..for first time users does take at least a month to see the difference..acne scars take a little longer really makes my face glow. It does NOT make u fair but brings out the glow on skin..i never had any issuas.Also, it has nothin to do which acne treatment..just works to even out skin tone with a nice glow.only thing to make sure is to never wear it out in sun..thats its…other who do not knw mich abt the product ..pls dont overreact …decide for urself if u wanna use it or yes..the glow.remains as long as u use the cream only.. for me its a magic cream to get the glow without doing any facials or expensive treatments that do not even.last more than.a.week…talking abt sideects ..i never had chill.on the american derma ass. reviews…..even frequent facials can have side effects like.loose and sagging oldies….so its simple..if the lotion.does nt suit u ..quit using..nobody is forcing anyone here…

  12. I am happie to have it ! It was very good for my Skin. wait for perfect time. Its really work on your skin its just take tiny week. Use it properly time 2 time. And then see Results. πŸ™‚

  13. For me it works so good, i had 7/8 years old acne scars because of it i always wear full sleves tops, ,i am applying from last month n i got positive reult in one month n i will continue it for altlst 6 months so that aftr that i can wear sleevless tops …..

  14. This basically remove the layers of skin, you can use this lotion in night and in morning use any moisturizer……which maintain softness in boday and make it safe from dryness…..n apply the glyaha lotion in good quantity…..

  15. Hi,

    i’m using glyaha lotion for my oily acne skin since last 5 days. And now my my skin is so hard even it’s look like burn face. could you please tell me about it!!


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