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Glyecrin is also referred as Glycerol which is mostly used as a binding ingredients.It occurs naturally in vegetables as well as animal lipids.
1.Appearance -Colorless or yellowish transparent viscous liquid. No poison, peculiar smell or corrosiveness
2.Odor -Faint ammonia odor
3.Solubility -Free soluble in alcohol.Slight soluble in water
Glycerin is mostly used in moisturizer, cellulite creams, body washes, face packs etc.The most important benefit if Glycerin is that it attracts water to the skin.Glycerin can be produced in two ways:-
1. It can be naturally derived from vegetable oil.
2 For cosmetic purpose it can wither be produced artificially from proplylene alcohol
Glycerin has been used in cosmetics for hundred of years as a solvent , emollient and lubricant.Glycerin helps in maintaining the water balance and maintains the skin’s homeostasis.
The amount of glycerin contained in a product should not be more than 20%.
Few products containing glycerin are as follows:-
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