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Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and therefore is considered as a natural product.Citric acids from oranges and other fruits also fall under this category.

Glycolic acid is generally used as a natural skin defoliant and moisturizer although there is much debate over its safety and effectiveness as it is debated on many of the cosmetic ingredients. 

According to people if the product contains less than 10% of glycolic acid then they are particularly useless.Many large scale cosmetics experts don’t believe in increasing the glycolic acid level as they fear against the lawsuits.
Glycolic acid basically works as an exfoliating agent as it is high acidity level and it is easy soluble.When it is applied on the skin in the form of gel, glycolic acid destroys the glue of the upper layer of the skin which hold the dead skin of the surface.This dead skin in chemically burned off by the glycolic acid , other ingredients take care of the miniaturization part of the skin.

This gives much smoother and supple skin resulting in youthful appearance.Another benefit of glycolic acid is that it has the ability to draw miniaturization into the newly exfoliated skin surface.
Glycolic acid is considered as a miracle ingredient in cosmetics.It is effective when used in the proper concentration level

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  1. Ya Glycolic Acids are known to us better in the name of AHAs ie., Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
    They exfoliate and renews our skin.
    Somewhre i read in my old Chemistry books!!!
    My recent post DELHI 6

  2. U know, dermatologist also do treatments using 20-70% concentration (according to skin sensitivity) of glycolic acid as chemical peels to treat marks / spots on skin.
    My recent post DELHI 6

  3. Oh Glyvolic peel !!! When i used to get my monthly dermabrasion, my doc used to do a micro-peel thing for me…..first she does the abrasion with her whatever tool she has , then she used to apply this glycolic acid and ask me to liedown for 30mins….it really worked wonders for my post acne scars….now i dont need it that regularly…but get it done once in 3 months just for a proper deep cleansing and maintenence purpose


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