Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment Recommendation – Reader Query


Sara asks,


I am planning to undergo Glycolic Peel Treatment for my face. I had acne problems and I am now left with some scars. I am longing for a glowing healthy looking skin.

Do you recommend the treatment? Any of you had experience with this type of Peel treatment?

Suggestions please. Thanks you.


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  1. Hi Sara,
    Before going for treatment try using Glyco-A 12% cream as night cream, I am using it since last 2 is glycolic acid cream with 12% strength and it perfect for beginners, it works on pigmentation and scars as well but will take some time. See how you feel about it and then for extreme results you can go for peels

    Though i have not done glycolic peel but i have done lactic acid peels and they are pretty safe! Infact I do the peels at home myself 🙂 its very easy to use, just follow the instructions given to the T and you should be fine. Also always use sunscreen before stepping out in the sun..this is a must!

    Hope this helps

      • Ana I use Skin Beauty Solutions peels at home..ordered via ebay..also i am using lactic acid peel which is more gentle than glycolic acid and perfect for beginners 🙂

        • Hi! Parita, where did you uy the Glyco-A cream at? I have been looking for one, but found none. I have settled on Retino-A for a while now. I want to change. I also get Glycolic Peels done but they cost a lot!

          • Bhawna try doing peels at home, its super cheap! I am using “Skin Beauty Solutions” peels, currently using lactic acid 25%, will next start with glycolic acid 25% peel. I ordered both the peels via ebay and it costed me less than 2000 INR in total with shipping and one 25% small bottle will go on for months!
            Glyco-A is easily available across all medical stores, i never had any issue to find it

            • Can you do a post on it in detail.Like how you started on it and yur experience and where u bought it from (link) etc.

            • Awesome, Thanks girl for the info. One more question, I want to use it to even out my skin as I have blemishes and acne scares, may I know your reason? Just curious to know if it actually worked for your problems as I have already got 2 sittings but I believe results will show only after continuous use.

              • Hey main concern was pigmentation around mouth and yes it worked on it..not completely gone but then i have done only 4 times yet but yes it works on pigmentation..i tend to do it only once a month since it makes my skin really dry!

  2. Amway has introduced a new peel…. a bottle for INR 2500 (approx) which can be used for eight weeks….

    Yet to try it…. but herard its good…. but very mild…. my cousin has started on it for her port pregnancy skin issues…


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