Go Karting In Hyderabad And My Weekend


Hey Everyone!!!

How was your weekend??

I and  hubby had so much  of fun that I thought of writing it down here.We went for Go karting which is near airport parking and have seven laps.This was the second time I was trying it out so I thought it will be pretty easy for me 😀 .There was one more girl there  who was under the impression that  she won’t be good and warned every one that no one should dare make fun of her after seeing her performing.:D

Just before us there were some cool guys who were enjoying go karting @ the speed not less than 160 -180km per hour I guess. I clicked one pic of the handsome dude for you guys :D:D

He is an amazing go karter.Anyway I shouldn’t talk much about him:D

We went first and my other friend who was so afraid drove much faster than me.I was driving as if it I was  on Delhi’s road.

Though it doesn’t look like the way I am waving my hand in the below picture.

my experience with go karting

There was this cute puppy there too .His name is ROMEO .I wanted to take him home but then hubby was like either he is going or I am going home.So I had no option but to choose hubby

best cure puupy

We came back and had  food in KFC, played dumbcharad in which our team won. After this all of us went to watch NO ONE KILLED JESSICA.

I did follow this case closely and there was much more in the story then what was shown but still both Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan were fab in the movie.Leaving beside the swearing I found the movie full paisa vasool especially after watching Tees Maar Khan.

Had an awesome time.. How about you ?

Did you do something interesting this weekend?


  1. Hey….i LOVE Katring..there is one more "Runway 9" on medchal road….lets see if we can both go there sometime…whatsay….and ya No One Killed was reaaly reaaly good…..i agree with the swearing part…was not needed….and that funny womn whpo kept sayng.."mere mannu ko kuch bhi nahi hona hai ji"

    And wait…you were wearing a "skirt "-"frock" to Karting!!! ahem ahem…

    LOL – "either he is going or I am going home "…LOL…ROFL…i'm so proud of you..u chose ur hubby…ROFL

  2. you took the picture from wrong angle… cant see the face of "cute guy" properly . ^_^
    BTW he is wearing a sweater n u.. sleevless…." baat kuch hazam nai hui". N hutch puppy.. i love these "hutch" puppies, wasnt he with his owner.
    you had a full on masti girl…. great going!

  3. hahaha…meru munnu ko kuch nahi hona chaiye needed a big tight slap…

    ohh yaa …we will go there..we can take rupa along too and have girly fun:)

    lets freeze the plan this time..

    it was a frock kind of a thing..:D:D i wore churidaar tights under neath it so that i don feel cold.:D:d but the frocks was going up again and again so it was getting annoying :D:D

    actualy there were so many friends around so i had to choose him….lolz…he is gonna kill me for this

  4. Hahaha….see that mus have been easy….yesss…we will freeze it this time…..hopw bout sometime in first week of Feb??!! and lets make it a sunday plan…what say…

  5. ya ya..first week of sunday…that will be cool..i will be leaving for my home this month and will be back by that time..so will start karting again..u play badminton ??:D:D

    please say yes yes !!!

  6. heheh..this pic was taken by hubby..i don feel cold..i am thick skinned girl..though i like collecting all winter pull over and courts :D:D

    it is just 9-10 degree hair which is like normal for delhites:D:D

    by the way boy is cool na;)

  7. actually i was about to say he is hot bt yeah cool is better word provided he was sporting a sports guy look.
    yaar the puppy is super cute… n his pic is from right angle ;p so.. what about his owner..

  8. mummiiiee i wanna go karting too…! lolz… but i cant drive :O :O 🙁
    anyways…. seems like u had soooooo much fun! 😀 😀 …. me was working whole weekend 🙁 had no off from job! HUH!! 🙁

    and… plz next time ask that cute guy to show his face… 🙁 😛 😛
    and ask his email id etc toooo… and invite him to wiseshe =)) =))

    and aawwwww i lub that cutie pie romeo! 😀 😀 he ish shooo shweeeeeet! 😀


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