Golden shimmery brown eye make up look


I created this look by using  below eye palette of Maybelline New york.This eye palette has beautiful brown shades to create night as well as day look.This look is pretty easy and I generally wear it in night parties.The most interesting thing about this look is that I can wear it with any color sari , suit or some bright color dress.I do not have to think much about the colors because it goes well with all the dresses.

You can easily see how much I use this palette.It is one of my favorite.Only the golden color in the palette is shimmery rest all colors are in matte.

I used all the budget beauty products to create this look .


Will do the step by step explanation of this eye make up tomorrow.Its really simple and any one can try it out.

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  1. eyes anyday, they are the mirror to your personality…Figure can be achieved by adopting a healthy lifestyle, but eyes are Gods gift…i love your eyes


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